December 30, 2007

Out of Office

Happy holidays to all of you!!!

Just a reminder that our office will be closed (to partake in good cheer and eggnog) until January 3rd. Check back then to see our updates! :)

December 18, 2007

In the news!

Last week I received a lovely email from Jacquelyn (of the below wedding) saying Wedding Bells has done a two-page spread on her day! I've had a sneak peek and it looks FABULOUS!!!

I'll be sending out a reminder for sure but watch for it in the Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Wedding Bells magazine :)

December 15, 2007

The one (or not)...what they dont tell you

Wow! See what I mean about this whole "ignoring all things wedding" phase I'm going through?I've been ignoring you, the readership! I never really thought that would happen. In my defense though, I've been housebreaking a 7 week old puppy, I'd go on about that (partly because he's so cute, partly because it would be a good stall tactic in addressing wedding matters) but you came here to read about weddings, not puppies.

Part of the reason I don't think I've posted much about the wedding stuff is that there really aren't that many interesting developments going on recently. But I suppose for the sake of giving you something to read, I'll get comfy and think back to a busier time in the planning.

I think the single decision that took the most time and energy was the dress. And I think that was one of the most interesting experiences in this process to date Now, through the experiences of others and various forms of media, I felt well prepared for how this was to go. I was going to walk into a store, and try on a handful of dresses ranging from hideous to mediocre before I emerged from the dressing room saying "this is the one!" and all would be well. Or so I thought.

In reality, I went to five stores, most of them I visited twice. I either went with Mom or a friend. Trying on the first few dresses were surreal and just plain weird, but I was surprised at how quickly it became old! Old became overwhelming. Each of the dresses were different, but in a way, felt almost the same. I mean, they each had their own variation of "wow" to offer. The dresses ranged from mediocre to wow. And I was surprised at just how many "wow" dresses we encountered making the decision virtually impossible.

And then, I found the dress I thought to be "the one". I didn't have a "Oh my goodness, this is the one! Pass me a tissue!" moment, but then again, I don't get terribly sentimental about such things either. Mom, a friend and I all agreed. And the fact that even other customers in the store (that's right! Strangers!) commented on it. (Going forward, this shall be known as Dress A).

Before actually committing to it, Mom suggested we go to a store that was having a sale. I should point out that this particular store is reasonably priced on a good day and that the sale would be the cherry on top! I went into the store with the mindset of "I'm just looking. I 'have' my dress already." and in doing that, I obviously wasn't very open to the possibility of finding a dress there. I tried one on that Mom really liked (We shall call this one dress B). I liked it fine. Just as I liked the dozen other dresses I knew I wasn't getting just fine. Mom agreed with me that dress A was ultimately nicer. but on the drive home, Mom said some things that made me see reason. She said three things that resulted in me changing my mind and running back to buy dress B.

1. Although the two of us would know that dress A was out there and nicer than dress B, my guests would not know. They would see the dress for what it was and appreciate the wow factor in whatever dress I chose.

2. From her "been there, done that" perspective, she said, "When you buy that dress, and it's the one hanging in your closet, it becomes your dress, and the other dresses you tried on don't matter."

3. (Keep in mind dress A was about $900 and Dress B was about $400) When I was dwelling on the argument that dress A was indisputably nicer than Dress B, she said "Is it $500 nicer? I mean, there's the cost of your invitations right there!"....that was a light bulb moment for me.

I think there is so much hype about "finding THE dress" and "once in a lifetime" and "you don't want to regret..." that common sense escapes. Now, I know, there are brides out there who would have regretted such a choice. But I think its important to realize that not every bride is going to regret it. I think I'm a lot like my mom in that I'm the bride who brings her dress home and it doesn't matter how many other "wow dresses" I left at the store. The one I bought is MY dress. Its gorgeous, I look great in it and its going to be the one in my pictures. And thirty years from now, when I'm looking at those pictures. I'm sure I wont be able to tell you what dress A looks like if a million dollars depended on it.

December 11, 2007

Rita & Eric - August 18, 2007

Rita & Eric first came to me at the turn of the new year with an email that I clearly thought was a joke or spam. I’m paraphrasing but it basically said, ‘we live in Turkey, are from Barrie & Markham and got engaged at the Eiffel Tower in Paris’. Huh? I contacted them though and wound up meeting two of the most laid back, like-minded clients ever. Through the following eight months we went from no wedding plans to putting together something they were thrilled with.

This couple wanted a family & friend reunion feel to the wedding because they only come home once a year. They’re both teachers overseas and when they’re home, they’re busy visiting everyone they can. For the wedding they wanted everyone to come and spend the day to socialize, play games outside and have a big old BBQ after the ceremony. It was a blast pulling this unorthodox one together!

Probably the biggest piece of pressure on me as a planner was the venue. Since Rita & Eric wouldn’t be here until June, I had to find and secure a spot for them … and hope it was what they were looking for. After a LOT of research and going back and forth we wound up at a quaint Inn on the waterfront in Coboconk, Ontario. Saucy Willow Inn has beautiful Victorian rooms inside and also cabins in the back of the property. This was a must as the whole bridal party and some other friends and family were to stay for a couple days. We wound up finding a little treasure far away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life. Of course, I never really found out what the couple thought until June so for 6 months I was crossing my fingers!

The next months were spent planning the food, the flowers, the décor … everything you can think of. I’m proud to say I not only took care of the planning for the wedding but also for all of the table centerpieces and bouquets. Talk about a blast! Everything was colourful and no one colour was repeated.

Before the wedding, family took part in a quaint Chinese tea ceremony. Elders sat nestled in the garden of the property while the bride and groom served traditional tea. After that it was off to get dressed for the marriage ceremony right in front of the water. Complete with a Best Woman and Man of Honour, the nuptials went off without a hitch.

The food was a hearty BBQ taken care of by KmK Catering. Burgers, chicken fingers, ribs, sweet potato salad and raspberry cheesecake brownies were just some of the food guests devoured.

Some highlights of the night including the giant apple tree guests tied their wishes for the couple to, family pitching in and helping to do everything from playing music during the ceremony to bar tending, the ice cream cakes the bride so desperately yearned for and the special message Rita had engraved on Eric’s wedding band without his knowledge (it read: Put It Back On).

The end of the night was capped off with a bonfire (everyone changed back into their camping clothes), sparklers, fireworks and a traditional smoking pipe from Turkey. All in all, a very successful time!

December 10, 2007

The Bridesmaids

I have five bridesmaids in my bridal party. A number that is so unwieldy and unlike me. But when I sat down to think about who I wanted to stand beside me, the choices were obvious and there was no way they could be pared down. It was all or nothing, so I chose all!

Three of my five bridesmaids including my Matron of Honor are living in London, UK right now. I knew it might be difficult when I asked them to be a part of the bridal party. But with the help of email, they are all up to speed on everything and are participating as sounding boards on all of my choices, just as though they live next door.

When I chose my dress, I missed them. But I took alot of pictures and they gave their 2 cents, and I'm lucky enough to have a great gaggle of females friends in the city, so I certainly wasn't lonely that day (The Dress blog is a whole other post!)

Technology is wonderful but I have reached the one obstacle it can't over come. My overseas bridesmaids are all going bridesmaids dress shopping this Sunday, without me, for major geographical reasons, aka the Atlantic Ocean. I'm so very sad that I can't be there with them! Luckily, they are all friends, and will make a fun day of it. I hope they all find a style that they love. I have given them loose guidelines (designer, colour, length) the rest is up to them.

I seriously hope that the store allows them to take pictures or I may actually cry.

My same city-based bridesmaid indulged me and went shopping for her dress. She tried on everything I threw at her. She knows what she wants and I love it on her, so I am happy for that.

Thanks for sharing in my little pity-party. I'll let you know how it went when I get their update next week!


December 3, 2007

Jacquelyn & Peter - July 28, 2007

I knew I was going to love Jacquelyn from the moment we sat down to dish at a trendy little café on Queen Street. She’s unconventional, knows very much who she is and beams whenever she talks about Peter. As we talked we found out we had quite a bit in common, too. She’s the Executive Editor at FASHION magazine though. That meant not much time to talk and a lot of planning to do!

The wedding was held outdoors in Toronto using the backyards of her sister’s and of her mother’s houses. How much more of a loving environment can you get?!

Jacquelyn is refreshingly proud of her heritage and didn’t forget it. The cuisine of the night was from a local Indian caterer. Served in copper pots it was spicy and full of flavour! The caterer even churned out some eye-popping fruit displays that rivaled the four hundred pound cake. Okay, it wasn’t 400 pounds but it was NOT light.

Making the wedding their own was something that came easily to this couple. I fawned over Jacquelyn’s custom dress and fragile centerpieces that were lovingly placed in family heirlooms ... but my very favourite part of the wedding was a little corner in the backyard reserved for the guests. It was there that they placed two funky yellow chairs in front of a backdrop and hired a photographer to snap pics of any friend or family member that wanted to drop by. What resulted was a collection of special photos that everyone will have a great time looking back on for years to come. Even me ;)

November 28, 2007

Holiday Sandwich

So here it is, November 28th...about a week after Thanksgiving (US version) and less than a month until Christmas. We're sandwiched between the holidays - anyone beginning to feel squooshed yet?

I've been thinking more about the holidays than wedding planning to be honest. I did manage to do a first draft of our wedding workbook so it's been floating in my mind behind the scenes so to speak. I did find a new bridal salon in town (Philadelphia) that I'll have to check out. A few weeks ago Valerie and I walked into a very chi-chi bridal salon near our home and they had six, yes SIX wedding dresses on display. WHAT? I had to laugh since I'm will most likely buy my gown on ebay, where I can choose from about oh, 6,000 or so.

I've picked up my camera again and have found my love for photography once more. I've been taking at least one picture a day for a couple weeks now and posting them on my photoblog. If you would like to take a look, the link is .

I'm going to hang out in one of the parks for a bit on Saturdays where people usually get their wedding photos taken. I thought that it would be a good way to see some of the photo techniques wedding photographers use (my alterior motive), and possibly get to practice a little myself. After what I hope is the last round of leaf raking...


The Florist

I had my first meeting with a florist this weekend. I took my mum. She is an avid gardener and knows a whole heck of a lot more about flowers than I do.

The florist was great and welcoming and made us feel cozy about being there. Not to mention the store smelled heavenly like Spring in the midst of the slush and snow outside. I had only a very basic idea of what I wanted. I’m very open to suggestion and flexible about the flowers. Turns out the one thing on my “I would really like to have…” list is actually one that’s difficult to guarantee! Of course! But I’m told as long as I promise not to burst into tears if the weather/ growing season decides it doesn’t want fit into the Master Wedding Schedule that Susan is making for us, it’s okay. There’s plenty of similar substitutes. Like I said, I like to think I’m a pretty flexible person. I can deal with that (Cut to: June 1st and bloggerbride having a Bridezilla Breakdown over her flowers) hehehe.

My mum was thrilled to discover that she won’t have to set it all up and then move it from the church to the reception. I think she assumed she was going to be the “runner” for the whole day! I hope she can let everyone else deal with it so she can actual ENJOY herself.

We went through absolutely every flower we would need for the day from the bridal parties bouquets to the single stems in the centerpiece I have designed (in my head). We poured over photos galore and it really got my mum and I excited. It feels like with every new meeting and new vendor the wedding becomes a little bit more real.

The florist turned the quote around super quick. Now we have to digest the information and decide if it’s right for us.



Hello everyone. I just thought I'd write a short (or not so short...we'll see) introduction as I will be making appearances on this blog in the next little while. As susan menioned, I am getting married April 26th 2008. So today marks "5 months minus 2 days" in the countdown.

The thing that is most scary to me is that with all this focus on Christmas in the coming month, and my brother and his girlfriend expecting a baby at the end of January (they are our best man and Maid of honour), I have a feeling that after the baby arrives, everyone's going to go "Wait a minute... only 3 months until the wedding!!!" and we will run around like chickens with our heads cut off.

When that happens, (yes WHEN, not if) I will try to take time from my busy headless poultry dashing to try to document it so that at least someone gets some enjoyment out of it (The word's "Schadenfreude"... be sure to look it up. It will be a common theme on my entries Im sure. And Im also impressed with myself that I spelled it right the first time. Yay! I get a cookie!)

Hmmm...what else should you know about me?....Oh. I love brackets! (the punctuation kind, not the hardware. Although Im sure you noticed). I guess its a sign that I love sharing details about things. Susan asked me to fill out some fill in the blank introductory questions for my profile. I had a hard time deciding the "I am passionate about..." one. Maybe I should have said Im passionate about brackets and the PROPER use thereof.

You know, this post is very indicative of what's going on with me. Notice Im avoiding all wedding details and such? Yup, that's me right now. I'm all weddinged out. From consulting with others, it seems that such a phase its quite common around the 5-6 month-to-go mark. Good thing for you is Im kinda coming out of it so Im sure I'll actually post once in awhile!

Anyway, back to introductory things, I met my Fiance in the summer of 2000 when we worked together at a summer job. He's now a long haul truckdriver which brings a whole set of challenges in itself. We have two cats and a dog (One of my cats, Omiya, sitting on my wrists and rubbing her head on the keyboard so I think she's trying to say hi to you). I spent a year teaching English in Japan which is important to know for a few reasons, but most of all, our wedding is asian themed despite the fact that neither of us are of asian decent.

Anyway, I wont take up anymore of your time for now. But thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy my point of view on this whole wedding planning journey.

November 27, 2007


I'm happy to welcome two more authors to the team! kd_2b_kk will be celebrating her nuptials in April of 2008 so I'm sure she'll have plenty to talk about ;)

Also, coming soon will be a lovely lady I had the pleasure of working with earlier this year. We're keeping her identity hidden until she's decided on her moniker ... stay tuned :)

Welcome ladies!!!

Cold Snap!

It’s almost December. Eek! The summer and fall have flown by at an earth-shattering speed for me this year. Looking back on that and as I’m awaiting the professional pictures from some events organized by Moments That Shine in the past few months, I thought I would pop up some pictures and descriptions on a few favourites. Stay tuned in the coming days for these tidbits!

November 26, 2007

Thinking of Engagement Photos?

Something that has been incredibly popular in years past is engagement photos (and that may not slow down!). I’ve answered many clients as to whether or not I thought they should go ahead with a session so I thought I’d jot down what happened with my husband and I in hopes of helping you.

Years ago when we were engaged, we balked at the idea early on. In fact, I knew of no other couple that had gone out of their way to get these photos done by a professional. If any friends or family bothered they had asked a non-professional who had a good eye to take a few pics of them. My husband and I didn’t even bother with that. The photo we decided to display at our wedding came from our first vacation in Nova Scotia. We had pulled into some viewpoint along the Cabot Trail, put the digital camera on a tripod, steadied it on the hood of the car and there you have it! We lucked out though … it managed to stay straight and not lean.

Our wedding pictures are amazing. We look at them more than normal people should (okay, I look at them) and subject everyone we know to taking a peek at the album. But to be honest, something was missing. We have plenty of vacation photos, silly shots from parties, pictures with friends … but nothing professional with just the two of us. Sure my husband looks great in a tux but I’d love to stare at a great photo where he’s more himself. Just as I was coming to that realization, I had the opportunity to help a friend out. I asked Bernard if he was interested and off we went! We now have professional photos showing what we look like on a regular day!

So what do I tell clients when they ask whether or not they should? I start by telling them of my story and my regrets. Then I follow it up with posing the question, “what better time to see if you and your photographer are going to click (pun intended) at the wedding?!”. Many photographers offer the service free of charge (or for a nominal fee) when you’re booking with them for the wedding. My personal view is why not take advantage of it? They can definitely be taken later as my husband and I found out but if it’s there, go for it. Just remember these things …
Have fun, show your personalities and bring a costume change or two … you’ll be amazed at how different the pictures will look with different outfits.

Just to give you the giggles, here are a few outtakes from our session. Thanks so much to Kristina at SugarTree … we love them!!!!!!!!!

November 21, 2007

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage ......

I was overjoyed to receive an email from former clients this morning announcing the birth of their perfectly healthy baby boy! William Zander was born last week in Toronto and "Mother, Baby and Dad are fine but tired"

Mira and Lawrence are the proud parents and I couldn't be happier for them. All the best to the new family!!!

November 19, 2007

Mirror, mirror, on the wall ...

I’m not sure if it’s the ‘sudden’ change in the weather that has made me feel less energetic or if it is just daunting to think of things to write about almost every day. I do know topics are becoming tricky right now. I was going to wait for one of the guest authors to pick up my slack and make things interesting in here … but I thought I’d be a good leader ;)

As I write this there are 35 days, 3 hours and 21 minutes until Christmas. Wow. That was a collective groan if I ever heard one through cyber space! Because of that statistic I was going to write about holiday events. The only problem is that made me groan, too. I haven’t done an ounce of Christmas shopping yet so I don’t need to be reminded. Instead I thought I would poke around event and wedding trends for 2008. Looking forward will help get me through this gloomy and blustery evening.

May I please begin by breathing a huge sigh of relief at the new colours for 2008? Please know I mean absolutely no harm to any of my friends, family or clients who have used it or will be using it but I’m here to tell you pink and chocolate brown are outta here! Yes, I realize how ironic that is since the Moments That Shine colours are exactly that … but I thought of my company branding years ago :P Needless to say, between looking at my letterhead every day and seeing many a rosy and chocolaty wedding in the past year, I’m welcoming the change with open arms. Oh yeah. I suppose I should actually say what the colours are! Purple is going to be huge in every shade, gray is the new brown (which was the new black) and green is important not only environmentally but on the palette as well. Think jewel tones for everything and you’ll be keeping up with the Joneses. I’m really excited to hear in with the bold and out with the pale!

As far as attire goes, reach back, baby! Vintage and Hollywood glamour are in. Halter and plunging necklines, antique laces, satin ribbons (with a splash of colour for good measure), sexy shoes and chandelier earrings are all being snatched up. Don’t feel you have to go all out with this though. Hopefully a recent bride of mine won’t mind me using her as an example … what she did to her dress by adding a splash of colour and some bling was exactly what’s going to be emulated by tonnes of women next year … she’s so ahead of her times …

Invitations are playing a bigger role in the event as a whole. We all know the invitation is what sets the tone and next year people will be making them count. Letterpress is getting even hotter but for those who may not be able to afford that, personalization is the way to go. Be different than everyone else, put some thought into the design and go for something that screams y-o-u!

Personalization will be big in all areas of events. Rather than monograms, couples are opting to have their own logo made. You can do this and echo it all throughout your day. If you have family heirlooms, incorporate them somehow … this might even be a family recipe that you want to share with your friends (it’s amazing how much guests will gush over a homemade chocolate chip cookie). Bring in things you love even if they’re not-so-new.

Finally, think outside of the box. You don’t have to have a banquet hall dinner with round tables. People are opting for the more sheik square look with unbalanced numbers, cocktail-style receptions and live music. Guest lists are smaller than they used to be which (hopefully) frees up a bit of money for people to spend on focal points and details.

There are no rules and it looks like that’s really being embraced now!

November 18, 2007

Makeup in Motion Packages

In case you haven't been to the site, here is some background on our services!

Bridal Packages

Choose Which Package Is Best For You!

Just Makeup Package
Makeup at your venue of choice on the day of the wedding
$35 per person
**In-studio pre-trial option $25 per person**

Wedding Survival Package
Wedding Day Makeup
Dual Powder
Retractable Blush Brush
$119 per person

Deluxe Bridal Bundle
Eyebrow Re-shape
Exfoliating & Hydrating Facial
Pre-trial Makeup
Wedding Day Makeup
Dual Powder
Retractable Blush Brush
$159 per person

Skin and Makeup Package
3 Facials
3 Makeup Applications
Wedding Day Makeup
15% off all Wink Cosmetics
$219 per person

November 15, 2007

Proposal #2 From A Reader

Here's another wonderful story received ...

Great things happen when you play Scrabble!!

Thanksgiving weekend.... Saturday night, while camping at Silent Lake, Chris and I were playing a game of Scrabble (while it rained cats and dogs outside of our dining tent). At the end of the game, Chris said he still had 1 more word to play, and with the game already being over, I agreed to let him play it (just to humour him). He played the word "Ring" and I clapped politely on the good play, and when I looked up, he was holding a ring box in his hand. I began to cry and obviously said yes :)

It didn't go down as he had hoped. He had originally wanted to take me on a canoe ride and propose to me on this little island that's located in the middle of the lake (Silent Lake Provincial Park is "our" park). Unfortunately, the weather didn't agree w/ his plan, as it rained from the moment we woke up, until we went to bed. While playing Scrabble however, he noticed the opportunity to spell "RING" and thought it was too good to be true, and obviously far too good to pass up :) So he took the opportunity, and proposed!

In my opinion, something "planned" couldn't have gone any better :) It was the perfect proposal!

As an aside, looking back at the photo, we noticed that the word "RING" was played between the words "GREAT" and "GIFT". Obviously, it was meant to be!

Kelly & Chris, Mississauga, On

Thanks so much!!! :)

November 13, 2007

I love the night life ....

Most of my good friends know that there are a few things in life that I’m a little too passionate about. I listed in my profile that hockey is one of them but I didn’t mention another that may actually trump that … music. I’ve been a ‘music person’ since I was little and I’m happy to say that hasn’t changed in my adult life at all. In fact music surrounds me in business, as well. Music actually surrounds this website … it’s in my company name, the headers for all sections on the sidebar … it even creeps out in a title every once in a while.
When choosing the music for an event thought should really go in to it whether you like to don dancing shoes or not. Choosing a play list was one of the first things my husband and I did for our wedding but from years of helping couples, I know we were a bit of a rarity. When clients ask me for help now, I will certainly do what I can but I sincerely don’t like to interfere with exact songs. I’ve noticed a bit of a trend lately in that couples are either cutting the dancing out of the reception completely or they’re only dancing to a few songs and then closing the dance floor … cocktail receptions are very popular! If you do this though, please still think about the mood you want portrayed via tunes. If you’re going to have a first dance, think about what song makes the both of you get that tingly feeling … think about lyrics that might make sense to the two of you … think of what makes you happy! You don’t have to have ‘our song’ … in fact even if you do, that wouldn’t have to be your first dance. There are no necessary rules to the music you choose but it should reflect you in some way. If you have quirky personalities, classical music may not be the best choice. If you’re both straight-laced individuals, you may want to steer away from poppy show tunes. You get the picture. And remember … if you need help, ask for it! Rather than consulting those ‘top 50 wedding songs’ lists (some are okay but many you find online are out-dated) ask your DJ, bandleader, event planner and/or friends … if your friends are anything like me, it would be a dream to help out ;)

I should put my money where my mouth is, shouldn’t I? I’ll finish this entry with a list of my favourites that would be great for a wedding (I've tried to get samples of all songs) … remember, they don’t have to have a specific tempo … if you want to do the jive, do the jive!

.: Susan’s Current Favourites :.

  • At Last - Serena Ryder (rather than the Etta James version)
  • Bubbly (sample on the left … this is my prediction for the big first dance song in years to come) - Colbie Caillat
  • Come Away With Me – Norah Jones
  • Come Summertime – Justin Rutledge
  • Dark Angel – Blue Rodeo
  • Hiding Place - Serena Ryder
  • I Will Love You For Miles - Danny Michel
  • Is It You – Blue Rodeo
  • Paper Cup (don’t mind the video) – Heather Nova
  • The Ring – Sarah Harmer
  • Running – No Doubt or Danny Michel (scroll down to the Valhalla medley)
  • Skyway Bridge (click on artist/releases and a menu will pop up with names … this track should automatically play) – Melissa McClelland
  • Storybook Love – Willy DeVille
  • Take My Hand (really don’t pay attention to this video) - Dido
  • Trouble in the Fields – Nanci Griffith or Sarah Harmer

  • Keep Reading ...

    The Twins Emerge....

    First, I want to say how grateful I am to Susan to give me the opportunity to blog on her site.

    So, what am I going to write about? Here's the short version (ready....?) We are planning our same sex wedding to be held in May of 2009 in New Jersey (a.k.a. Southern Canada).

    I'm going to be buying everything for our wedding on Ebay or similar sites. Yes, everything. I'll also be putting together a typical budget for the items that I'm planning on purchasing - retail vs. auction. Oooh, shopping and bargain hunting for a wedding, what could be better?

    Since this will be my second wedding -- I planned my straight wedding ages ago before I knew better (way back in the 80's!), and now my same sex wedding, I'll post my experiences of both and the differences, if any, in the way we are treated as a same sex couple making wedding plans vs. a straight couple. I may even have a weak moment and post a picture or two from the wedding where Big Hair ruled in the land of Bon Jovi...and the icing on THAT cake - I was a Hair Stylist back then!!!

    Boy, are you in for a treat.

    Here's a bit about me...
    I'm extroverted, dry witted, creative, love meeting new people and learning about them, passionate, strong-willed...

    My favourite song: Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest (what a dork!)

    One food I'd arm wrestle for: Dark Chocolate anything from Naked Chocolate Cafe.

    Something I'm extremely passionate about: Marriage Equality

    If I were a movie character I would be: Louise (Thelma and Louise) or Kate Hepburn

    Something that scares the bejeezus out of me: George Bush, Dick Cheyney, et al., Global Warming.

    November 12, 2007

    Real Proposal from a Reader ...

    I started to get suspicious... Dan and I were planning a trip to Vancouver to visit his dad. A month or two in advance I said it would be nice if we stayed downtown for a few days before travelling to the sunshine coast. He thought this was a great idea and said that he would plan our night out on the Saturday... fast forward a couple of weeks. I ask what are we doing on the Saturday, he replies "It's a surprise"... hmmm that got me thinking. Dan never does surprises. Later the same week he starts complaining about how broke he is.... hhmmm again I start to wonder, could this really be happening? and then finally, while I am searching for my passport in our bedroom, I come across a gem appraisal. Oh my god! I can't believe this is happening. I start to wonder how it's going to happen, what does he have planned, is it really going to happen in Vancouver? or is he going to randomly pop the question. My minds races for weeks on end! We arrive in Vancouver on the Friday and I start to think I've made the whole thing up in my head... that everything just happens to be a coincidence and it's not actually happening. I even think the maybe the gem appraisal wasn't really a gem appraisal!

    Friday night we meet up with some friends and go to a japanese restaurant for dinner. We're on vacation, we're having fun and out comes the sake. I don't know how much I drank but by the time we left dinner at 10pm I was pretty tipsy, we then went on to another bar to meet some more friends and have some drinks. By the end of the night... I was completely smashed.

    I wake up on Saturday morning and I am not well. Dan goes to Tim Hortons and gets breakfast, I can't eat it. I feel so terrible because I don't want to ruin our vacation... I drag myself out of bed and we go sight seeing. For dinner, Dan made reservations at a super nice restaurant located right on the ocean... we get all dressed up and go out. Just before we are about to leave, I'm not sure I can go, I tell Dan I don't feel well at all. After laying down a bit longer, I drag myself out the door and we arrive at the restaurant. I still can't eat. The waiters look at me funny as all I have is bread and a few bites of a side salad. And then thank god for gravol. I brought some along just in case, I didn't want to feel groggy but anything was better than the way I felt at dinner. So I popped my pill and about an hour later I was feeling pretty good. We walked over to Stanley park and Dan started acting weird, we kept walking around in circles and he kept looking for something. We even sat down on a bench for awhile. About 15 minutes later we saw it... A horse and carriage ride just for us. It was a gorgeous night, brisk but blue bird sky and sunshine (rare in Vancouver!) We toured around the sea wall and I noticed that Dan was more touchy feely than usual... holding me close. I thought maybe this isn't actually happening, maybe he is going to postpone the engagement because I've been so sick today. At one point the driver says the horse wants to take a break and have a drink of water. So we walk down by the water overlooking the lions gate bride and sit on a bench, within a few minutes, Dan was on his knee telling me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Of course I accepted! We get back to the carriage and there was champagne and two wine glasses for us to celebrate. We called our parents from the park and headed to the jazz bar at our hotel, where they played the most amazing music. It was definitely a night to remember.

    Thanks for reading!


    Thanks so much, Allison!!!

    November 9, 2007

    Cross-Country Proposal

    To kick off the ‘Engagement Series’, I thought I’d relive the wonderful memories back from when my husband surprised me … I didn’t think it would be so difficult to remember those little details though! Here goes nothing …

    I have to give a bit of background information about myself to set the story just right. As some of you may or may not know, I’m a born-and-raised B.C. girl. I grew up in & around Victoria but in my early adult years, I visited Vancouver a lot. So much so that it became a bit of a second home. I think it was because of my complete obsession with the Canucks and going to Blue Rodeo concerts but one never knows for sure. Anyhow, I can’t recall when it was but at some point a family member asked me to housesit for them while they went on vacation. That was my first time absolutely alone in Vancouver and I loved it. I used to take walks around Ladner (where I was staying) and other days I would take the Skytrain into the city. Many days I wound up at Canada Place where I would sit outside and watch the water planes going by while listening to music. It quickly became my favourite spot to get away to.

    Fast-forward about ten years.

    Somewhere between my days in B.C. and working for a fast-paced company in Toronto, I met a great guy, fell in love and moved in with him - from B.C. to Ontario - within four months of knowing him. I love my mom for being so cool about that but if I have a daughter one day there’s no way in hell I’d let her do what I did. That’s a whole other story though.

    While working for this company, I was lucky enough to do a lot of cross-Canada traveling while organizing board meetings and parties … imagine my delight when one of the meetings was going to be in Vancouver. Free trip home … woohoo! Bernard bought a ticket on the same flight and came along with me so we could do some visiting with my mom and younger brother.

    The day before my mom and brother came over from Victoria (at least I think it was then … I’m the first to admit I’m horrible with dates) Bernard and I were able to have a bit of free time. I honestly can’t remember what was going on before this (I think I was consumed with work) but we ended up taking a walk from the downtown Fairmount down to the waterfront. Bernard was so sweet as we were walking … he would only let me on the inside of the sidewalk … I thought it was because he was being his usual chivalrous self. I found out later that it was because the ring was in one of his pockets on the left … so I had to stay on the right.
    We wound up walking up to Canada Place … not totally unusual because it really has the best view around. We found a seat and just enjoyed the scenery. Then all of a sudden it happened. Bernard is down on one knee and saying what I’m sure were beautiful words. I hate to admit this here but I honestly didn’t hear the all the words … I just saw the ring and kept thinking in my head, “he’s proposing, he’s proposing!” I did hear the question though. Apparently I was still in my own world or crying or something because Bernard’s next words were, “I’m sorry … I’m going to need verbal confirmation on this one.” That’s when I managed to squeak out a ‘yes’. I don’t think it was then but he told me at some point that I gave up a lot to move away and be with him (which is ridiculous, really) so he wanted to propose in my favourite place in the world. He had be planning this for months.
    The walk back was so peaceful and seemed to go on and on. I wouldn’t have really noticed how long we had been walking for except for the fact that we were both starving. We missed dinner and were looking for a restaurant that was open in the area. Why we couldn’t find one is beyond me but it happened soon enough. We found an amazing little Italian spot that will hold a special place in our hearts for obvious reasons.
    The rest of the night was spent looking at each other with loving eyes, giggling, holding hands … almost acting like teenagers ☺

    So that’s the proposal. There’s more though.
    The ring. My insanely beautiful and perfect ring.
    Bernard doesn’t do anything halfway. He knew exactly what I was looking for in a ring and made it happen. I was almost obsessive about not wanting my ring to have claws (I’ve heard too many stories of the gem falling out) and the design had to be ‘me’. Bernard, unbeknownst to me, found a jeweler and worked with her to design something for me. They were going back and forth with sketches and finally a wax mold. When he was going to the shop, he would tell me he was ‘stuck in traffic’ and various other excuses. I bought it. The end result is perfect.

    The real story about the ring was getting it from Toronto to Vancouver. I went through security at the airport before Bernard (which ended up being a good thing). For some reason, his carry-on luggage was being inspected. Very casually Bernard told me I might as well go sit down because this could be a minute. I felt bad for him because security can be nerve-wracking but I agreed to go sit. He was at least five minutes (he’d likely say it felt longer). The employee was doing all kinds of tests on the luggage but it didn’t look like he was finding what he was looking for. I learned later that Bernard told him in a low whisper that there was an engagement ring hidden in one of the compartments so maybe that’s what he was looking for? Nope. Dude was just looking around … very thoroughly! Finally he let Bernard go through and the plan was back to normal. You see, if the cover had been blown Bernard was prepared to get down on one knee and propose in the airport terminal.

    That would have been a great story, too, but I’m happy with the way things turned out ;)

    November 8, 2007

    The Musician


    Just a quick post because I'm ultra excited!

    We booked another vendor today! Another scary white Excel square is now filled in. FI and I were kicking around the idea of a small jazz band to play during our 1.5 hour cocktail between the ceremony and the reception. But after checking some prices we decided it was too expensive for something that we really could do without.

    Then I read some fantastic reviews about a classical guitarist named Derek Macrae. I went to his website and absolutely fell in love with his work. My FI plays guitar (quite well!) and I have always loved listening to him play. So a solo guitarist FITS us perfectly. It was sort of like when we walked into our venue (The Doctor's House) and it just felt like US.

    The fact that Derek is ridiculously frugal helps too! He will be playing ALL of our ceremony music AND our cocktail for considerably less than what the jazz bands were charging for the cocktail alone. Woo hoo!!

    Now we have to start thinking about music. Derek has samples on his site and they all make me weepy. Which I guess is a good thing.

    Love it.


    November 7, 2007

    Engagements ...

    In honour of bloggerbride's wonderful engagement story, I would like to ask any people interested to send me the details on how they said 'yes!!!'. At a later date I'll publish a bunch on the blog and we'll all have a good cry ... errr ... read. You can send them to: inquiries @ (fill in the spaces) ... no time limit and no restrictions on the writing. Just let me know if you would like to remain anonymous or if you would like to broadcast your love to the world ;)

    And in the next couple of days I'll get it started with my own proposal story ... it'll be a blast to relive it!

    November 6, 2007

    Guest Authors Aplenty!

    If you're a regular reader of this little blogspot, you may have noticed each day the list of guest authors on the right has been growing. That was my intention all along but I have to say I'm thrilled at the response from everyone. Some vendor authors will be popping in and out at their leisure, some will be a bit more of a constant fixture ... you'll see! The lovely brides-to-be (and some grooms-to-be!) will likely be writing a bit more but that's their call.

    What's the reason for the update, you ask? Well, I realized people were coming on to the site but no formal introductions were being made! I'd love to take a few minutes to give those who I know are on board a quick hello and let everyone know how we know one another ...

    With all of the brides-to-be (for now), they're clients in one capacity or another. Some are close in distance, some far ... but something serendipitous happened at some point and we're in constant contact now!

    On to the vendors ...

    The lovely Kristina Laukkanen from (soon to be officially changed to Sugar Tree Photography) is someone I'm very proud to call a friend. We actually met when my husband and I hired her to do our own wedding photos and since then I've had a blast watching her grow as an artist. She has a very exciting new endeavor taking up much of her time right now and I'm sure once she's able to post, she'll tell you all about it.

    When thinking about a make-up artist to bring on board, it didn't take me long to figure out who to approach. I met Kelly Weldrick about a year and a half ago after I received her name from the small business program we both graduated from. Right away I was drawn in by her energy and enthusiasm for her work ... she's one infectious lady! She also was gracious enough to be a part of the team for the fashion show I helped coordinate this past March.

    Also because of the fashion show I was lucky enough to meet and work with the great Martin Kolditz of MGX Productions. Frugal Bride members will know the company and I hope to bring him a bit more exposure through this blog. I called for a volunteer videographer and within hours Martin jumped on board. He was an absolute delight to work with and he has the patience of a saint. I truly look forward to working with him again!

    Jessica and Erin from Periwinkle Flowers will be joining us later on this year or early next year with some tips/advice/stories from florists. I was passed their contact information by my business coach and within a couple months of introducing myself, a client of mine ended up booking with them! They're both young, hip and fun to work with ... I can't wait to see what they bring to the mix!

    That's it for introductions for now ... more people will be coming on board as time goes by but before I forgot, I wanted to welcome everyone. And of course, each writer is more than welcome to give their side of the story ;)

    The Wedding Planner

    This weekend FI and I had our first in-person meeting with Susan from Moments That Shine (apparently, crazy emails from me don’t count as a “meeting”). It was nice to have a real concrete conversation about wedding stuff. Things were written down, dates were set, charts were filled out- PROGRESS WAS MADE!

    FI and I are feeling really good about everything. I was feeling a bit “willy-nilly” about what needed to get done next so it was good to make a list of “things to do” in the near future. FI and I are all about lists, and spreadsheets!

    Susan has a chart that she uses to keep you in line and get the conversation moving. She tried to assure me that eventually all of those intimidating blank squares would be filled with text- lovely, organized, wedding text. But that seems pretty far off.

    We also got the chance to look through her invitations portfolio. Although most of them are online, sometimes it’s nice to get to flip actual pages, and open things. You forget about the importance of tactile experiences in this day and age. We fell in love with two invites. One is “classy” and the other is “fun”. That’s a pretty typical debate for us. We want people to know as soon as they get the invite what the “vibe” of our wedding is. I guess we just have to narrow down what exactly that vibe might be! Likely, “Classy Fun”. Ha!

    Susan also suggested a florist, so my mother and I will have our very first florist meeting at the end of November. I’m quite excited about that- it will be more PROGRESS!

    October 31, 2007

    Rule-of-thumb ... for the face!

    Regardless of what season a Bride chooses for her wedding day, there are certain things that every Bride should remember...

    Two coats of waterproof mascara is key for keeping the lashes in tact from tears of joy. No Bride wants train tracks running down her cheeks. Combined with waterproof eyeliner for definition, your eye makeup will remain intact much longer than with regular formulas.

    False eyelashes are a great option for Brides who want fuller lashes, and wear quite nicely when applied securely. Do a trial run first to make sure you are comfortable wearing them.

    Lips should always be lined, filled in and lipstick applied over top for maximum staying power. Top off with minimal gloss for shine and moisture, but avoid over glossing for your photos. And, always, always, always, have a lip moisturizer on your lips when you’re not wearing lipstick. Keep them soft, supple and protected at all times and avoid products containing camphor, as they tend to dry out the lips.

    Just as water is important for the body, it’s equally important for the skin. Dehydration is a major issue for many people, and drinking plenty of water all year round will plump your skin and minimize fine, crêpey dehydration lines. Scrubs will rid the skin of the flakiness and dead skin cells, plus provide a smooth surface for creams to penetrate and makeup to be applied.

    Bronzers and finishing powders are great for all seasons – they add a subtle glow to the face regardless of the time of year. Don’t forget to take your bronzer down the neck and décolleté to avoid a demarcation line in the jaw area.

    Eyebrows should always be shaped and tidy. After all, they are the picture frame to the eye. Waxing is an inexpensive, quick service that gives you an instant eye lift.

    Choose a dual powder in place of a loose powder. Dual powders are the most versatile of makeup items and can be used wet or dry, with a sponge or a brush depending on the coverage needed. And being in compact form, they are perfect for traveling especially to your honeymoon destination.

    So while you’re planning all the details of your special day, remember to plan your skin and makeup needs too. Prep your skin in advance, select the bridal look that’s right for you by doing a pre-trial, and don’t leave your most important item to last … you.

    October 30, 2007

    The Proposal- HIS Side of the Story!

    From BloggerBrides Fiance:

    Every groom has a proposal story that they think was scary….mine REALLY was.

    After reading BloggerBrides post about our engagement. I thought it might be cool to tell it from my point of view. After all, there’s two sides to every story…

    I distinctly remember when I decided I was going to marry BB. I was in a meeting at work with my boss when out of nowhere the room went dark and silent. I got butterflies in my stomach. One thought kept running through my head: “I am going to marry BloggerBride”, “I am going to marry BloggerBride”. It was a pretty strong feeling. Over-whelming even. When I came out of my trance both the vendor and my boss were looking at me. Apparently one of them had asked me a question. I smiled and said yes.

    That night I bought the ring. I felt good about, which is important. With all the pressure from BB, her friends and family I wanted to make sure I was doing this for me and her. Nobody else. I was happy with the ring and I was ready to propose…but I had no idea how.

    I kept the ring for about a month hidden in my closet. I knew she wouldn’t find it. She never goes near my closet (your Christmas present is NOT in there). I had a couple of ideas for proposals but none of them felt right. When BB’s family asked me to go the cottage, I thought I’d bring along the ring, just in case.

    Once we got to the cottage I knew this was it. It was perfect. The weather was great, her whole family was there and we were having a great time. I tried and tried to get BB’s dad alone so I could ask his permission. It was impossible. Either mother BB or brother BB were always around. By the time Sunday came, I knew if I had to go through with it and hoped he would understand.

    So I was out fishing with brother BB when I noticed the sun was starting to set. This was it! I had to get back. I told brother BB I had to go, he was looking at me like I was crazy so I told him I had to use the bathroom….it was the only thing I could think of.

    When we got back, I snuck the ring in my jeans pocket. The ring box was HUGE! It looked like I had a rubix cube in my pants (insert joke here). I grabbed a sweater and tried my best to cover it up. I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. Not an out of the ordinary request but I felt like I gave it all away. She said sure and off we went. At this point I was sooooo nervous. I was saying stupid things like “So what’s on tap for you this week?”. How lame….

    We got to the muddy road and I saw that if we didn’t hurry, the sun would set and I would be proposing in the dark. So I asked her to run, and she ran. I was really impressed. No questions, no whining, she just held my hand and ran with me. It was sweet. Something I’ll always remember.

    When we got to the dock, the sun was just setting. I felt like my heart was going to explode I was so nervous. We sat at the end of the dock and I just started blurting out things about her and about us. I reached into my pocket, pulled out the rubix cube and thought “Which way is up on this thing?”. I guessed wrong. Right over the water I opened the box upside down. Smooth…very smooth. I flipped the box around and I popped the question. Now I know BB is a crier but holy cow! She was sobbing. I heard yes in there somewhere. I actually had to tell her to calm down and breath.
    The walk back was surreal. We just kept saying ‘Did we just do that?” I loved the walk back. It seemed like forever. When we got back we walked in and BB’s mom could sense something was up. I think she thought we were fighting. BB just blurted out “We’re engaged” and they stared at us, dumb struck. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a joker so they may have thought it was a trick, but once they saw the ring, that was it. Tears everywhere all over again.

    It was a great experience and I’m glad BB could share it with her family. They are very important to her. My only regret was not getting permission first. If I could do it all again I would have worked harder at that. I’ll have to make it up to him.

    There you go, “The Proposal” from FI’s point of view.

    Jingle Jingle

    With the end of Halloween (yes, I'm thinking past tomorrow as I write this), Christmas is coming. ACK. I don't know about all of you but I haven't even begun to think about presents yet. For those of you early birds that are out there, I just wanted to give a special shout out and have you take a gander at my Holiday Cards Gallery. If you've been to my site lately, you may have noticed Moments That Shine is under-going some renovations. Because of this, that gallery has yet to be updated with this year's prices and new designs ... oops! Until that is updated (which may be tomorrow, may be next week ... no promises!), the old prices stand. If you're thinking about any of those cards, take me up on the offer now because those prices are insane!!! This is a blog-exclusive offer. I'm not advertising it anywhere else. If you would like to look into things a bit further, send me an email!

    Okay ... enough used-car salesman jargon for the day ...

    October 26, 2007

    More Pillows!

    I was in talks with Sarah Lansdale after finding her site and she sent me along this lovely collage of non-wedding pillows. Enjoy!

    From Weddings to Cars

    I promised that I'd be posting some pics of the 2008 Vehicle Launch event I was hired to coordinate, didn't I? Well, all was set up and 'launched' on Wednesday! The theme for the day was a red carpet event with all the trimmings ... the show room rolled out the carpet ... there was an antique popcorn machine ... there was even a movie (specially edited by IBV) projected on the wall. In the end, a great time was had!

    October 23, 2007

    The Proposal

    Every bride-to-be thinks their proposal was special. But mine REALLY was.

    We were up at my family’s cottage for Labor Day weekend. We have had our cottage since I was about five. It is the most special place in the world to me.

    It was Sunday afternoon, it had been raining all day, but had stopped. My FI was out fishing with my brother. He came back to the cottage, got changed and asked me if I wanted to take a walk to the big fishing dock down the road. I said sure. We started to walk as the sun started to set. It actually started to set quickly… too quickly. My FI inexplicably asked me to start running down the very muddy road, to the dock. I said sure. (An Aside: Later he would tell me if I had bitched about running in the mud, the proposal never would have happened!) We ran hand and hand through the wet mud to the dock. We got there just as the sun was setting over the water. We sat at the end of the dock and my FI took my hand and said… some very sweet things that I have a hard time remembering because they ended in, “will you marry me?” I was shocked. I had no idea it was coming.

    It was incredibly romantic.

    Then he opened the ring box over the deep water below UPSIDE DOWN. I still cringe when I think how close we came to losing my ring to the gods of Lake Huron! But alas, the box was righted, and the ring fit. We stood up… and I melted down. I sobbed and sobbed like I have never sobbed before, you know, those full body shaking ones. I hyperventilated. But somewhere in there I managed to say, “YES”.

    We slowly walked back to the cottage where my whole family was preparing dinner. The sky was purple. It seemed like miles and miles. We held hands and smiled a lot. It was so fun to have this immense secret that no one else in the world knew, but when they did it would change everything. It felt like we were watching ourselves in a movie. It was the very definition of surreal. I could never really explain it and I will never forget it.

    We got to the cottage door, took a deep breath and went in. We hadn’t really discussed how we would “announce” the news. I think I just blurted out, “we are engaged”. My mother promptly responded with, “no you’re not!” She didn’t believe us… for like five whole minutes! I seriously had to say, “No, really, we are, I’m not kidding”. It wasn’t the reaction we were expecting, but it was uniquely my mother’s. Once my parents actually accepted that we weren’t joking, they were ecstatic. They cried. All of them, my dad and brother included. I come from a family of criers. My wedding day will be very…wet and salty.

    On our way home from the cottage the next day, we tried to covertly get our friends together at a bar so we could make a Dramatic Announcement like they do on TV. But they all said they were too tired/lazy/stupid to go out on a holiday Monday night, so much for that idea. Therefore in true 21st century style, I announced our engagement the next day via email. CLASSY!

    So there you have it, and I think you will now agree that I did have the MOST special proposal of all time.


    Pillow Me This, Pillow Me That

    Was browsing through sites yesterday and I stumbled upon these fantastic pillows by Sarah Lansdale out of the States. She creates the pillows by hand using the finest of materials. They can be given to more than just ring bearers, too! They're great gifts for newborns/new moms and even little ones who have recently lost their teeth :) My favourite use would be for weddings though ... how great are the personalized ones?!

    October 22, 2007

    Makeup Tips for Seasonal Brides

    With the many decisions you’ll make planning your wedding, it’s important to recognize that seasonality plays a major role in all aspects of your special day. That includes your skin and makeup. Whether you are a winter, spring, summer or fall Bride, or if your nuptials will be held in a warm weather resort, make sure you attend to your skin and makeup needs long in advance. Plan ahead, consult an expert and work towards that unique radiance that every Bride wishes for on her wedding day.

    Spring Brides are coming off a long cold winter and need to pay particular attention to exfoliating from head to toe. Shed that winter layer of skin and prepare your face and body for the lighter, more revealing fashions that warm weather brings. Manicures, pedicures and facials are a must for every Bride regardless of season, but many of us resume a more aggressive skin and makeup regime once spring hits. At this time of year, pinky beige and rosy browns in sheer shimmers really do give that “glowing bride” look especially when accented with a light dusting of bronzer on the cheeks, forehead and nose.

    Summer Brides can often be challenged by the season’s beautiful weather. Longer days and sunnier skies can damage the skin if not properly protected. Use a sunscreen daily to reflect the harmful rays of the sun and remember that excessive heat and humidity can trigger dryness, rashes, and breakouts. Not to mention the melting of your makeup on those really hot days. Use oil free foundations or tinted moisturizers containing sunscreen to avoid “makeup meltdowns”. Always set with powder. Dual powders and blotting papers are ideal for absorbing oil and perspiration and are a great quick fix to banish shine. Have these items close at hand for any summer wedding.

    Fall Brides can expect a color change. The falling leaves and cooler weather inspire us to go a little darker and richer to reflect the warmth of the season. Burgundy, plum, and brown eye and lip shades come back, and the tendency is to go a little smokier with shadows and liners. Many Brides begin to lose their summer glow and find that the foundations and powders great during the summer months need to be replaced with lighter shades for fall. Highlighting the hair is popular during this season to compensate for the loss of warmth to the skin as summer tans fade. This is also the time to step moisturizing up to a richer lotion and incorporate regular use of moisturizing masks.

    Winter Brides can often overlap with the holiday season. A light, shimmering accent on the eyes or lips perks up a pale winter skin. Warm, glowing, makeup hues are preferred and many Brides invest in self tanners for the face and the body. Pay close attention to the skin and increase your exfoliating and moisturizing facials either at home or at the spa. And always protect and insulate your skin from the harsh winter weather by using foundation daily.

    Keep Reading ...

    October 16, 2007

    The 'Off' Season

    Supposedly weddings have wound down and this is the time for me to catch up on paperwork, attend bridal shows, update my website, have coffee with clients ... all that good stuff. Someone forgot to tell that to future clients, people needing favours and my messy office.

    Luckily I took care of the latter the other day ... the day before I was hired to coordinate a function for a care dealership. The function being in FIVE business days. EEK! Of course it can be done ... little things that I wanted to do this week just get pushed back a bit. The good news is next week I'll have some lovely pictures to post of a 2008 Vehicle Launch Event! What? That doesn't grab your fancy? ;) Maybe this will ...

    It's a great idea for a twist on the cupcake cakes that are so popular ... full credit to my favourite bridal magazine from Australia!

    October 12, 2007

    Latest Trends ...

    I'm not sure what got me thinking about this first ... the immense pushing of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, the eco-friendly florist a recent bride of mine used, a conversation with an organic-loving friend or maybe it was our recent Ontario elections ... but I'd like to bring my GREEN views into the company. In fact, it's something I should have done a long time ago! What I'm going to do exactly, I'm not sure of yet but I would like to set some time aside to research some earth-conscious vendors and maybe develop a package for clients. We're all borrowing this earth together so it would be great if events received a reputation for *not* wasting.

    I'm not going to pretend I'm a trend-setter though! This has been evolving for quite some time now ... I'm merely a band-wagoner. I found a great article just now over here. I love the idea of using only locally grown foods for a wedding ... it takes an effort but it's completely do-able!

    October 11, 2007

    The Venue

    Tonight I am taking my Mum and Dad to an open house at The Doctor's House, which is my weding venue. They haven't seen it before and I haven't been since we booked it last winter. I'm very excited.

    Now that I have started planning I have a zillion questions for them. I am bringing my camera to take pictures of our room and the chapel so I can have a better idea of how to decorate. Is it tacky to be snapping away while people much on free hors d'oeuvres? Probably... Oh well.

    I am going to make my dad do a practice walk down the aisle. $10 says he cries, actually, I bet we both do. Maybe I should get it all out so I don't make that horrid crying face while I'm walking down the aisle for realsies! I'm terrified of that face. When I post my proposal story you'll hear all about my body shaking sobs when that went down.

    After tonight I won't be back at the Doctor's House till I'm decked out in a spectacular dress. If I think too hard about this, I might have a breakdown, or burst into tears. So for now I'll just think about the free hors d'oeuvres.


    October 9, 2007

    BloggerBride: The Introduction


    My name, for the purposes of this blog, is BloggerBride. Susan at Moments That Shine has asked me to document this crazy little process called “Wedding Planning”. I thought I would start with an introduction of sorts.

    I’m in my late 20’s (ugh- typing “late” any decade kinda hurts!) and my fiancé just turned 30. We have been together for about 6 years, and engaged for the last 13 months.

    My wedding will be the first for my family. My parents are British and are finding some of the North American "traditions" a little odd. (It's not the first time. They skipped my High School graduation for a trip to Florida and I had to ask other parents to take pictures of me!)

    My Dad told me recently that he couldn't believe how many weddings I go to every summer and that he thought he had been to 3. One of those being his own. My mother, on the other hand, is just starting to grasp the magnitude of the occasion. And such- is beginning to freak out. I stupidly bought her a "Mother of the Bride" guidebook... which was written for a wedding with 300 people where the bride’s family pays for everything. Silly, silly me. I have "assigned" her to flower duty in hopes that it will keep her preoccupied and not worry about the rest; like the budget.

    My fiancé is half Filipino and half Irish. An exotic (read: hot) mix. He has an older brother who is married, so his family has been through it all before, and if they are throwing in their 2-cents, it isn't reaching my ears- yet. Thank god. Our families haven't met yet. That should be interesting. Mine drink, a lot. His don't. Nuff said.

    Our wedding is taking place next June (actually, 249 days from today- but whose counting?) in Kleinburg at a cool little venue called The Doctor’s House (more on this later). We have some things done, and a lot still to do. In the coming days/weeks/months I will be writing about things that have happened (I bought my dress!), things we are going through (Invites! Guest list! Flowers!), and a lot of things that we are hoping to do (parachute into the reception! Just kidding!)

    I hope you will all read along- maybe learn, definitely laugh. Next post, “The Proposal”.


    Busy Fall ...

    We've been busy the past little while! Summer is always packed with weddings but fall has been insane!!! Four weddings and a bridal show in the past five weekends ... not to mention some invitations orders and plenty of meetings for more bookings (not that we're complaining).

    The most special of all these occasions happened on September 30th when our own lovely colleague, Crystal, married her beau. I can't think of a more appropriate wedding to start the blog with!

    Some of you may remember Crystal from your own weddings and functions as she comes out to assist as much as possible. The ceremony and reception site were the same ... Le Jardin in Woodbridge. We arrived early to set up decorations and help make sure vendors popped in according to schedule ... and of course to make sure the bride-to-be was still calm. Everything turned out beautifully from the traditional wedding cake (made by the groom's aunt) & the truffle cake to the alternating tiered centrepieces on all of the tables. And of course the bride was gorgeous in her Audrey Hepburn-inspired gown.

    We're All Set Up!

    Welcome to our little spot on the blog world! We've been trying to get this going for some time now but with the wedding season in full swing, it was challenging to say the least. We're here now though and ready to keep you coming back for more :)

    Rather than go on and on just about Moments That Shine, we plan on bringing in guest authors in addition to our own postings. That way things stay fresh as well as updated and there is something for everyone!

    Have fun reading and please keep checking back!