December 22, 2008

When I Dance They Call Me Macarena


Every D.J. my fiancé and I have looked at seems too cheesy for our taste. How can we find someone that won’t play the Macarena?!



Dear Cheryl,

Ah, the D.J. search. Let me start this answer by saying my advice is NOT just for D.J.s and by no means am I picking on them. I’ve worked with MANY gems at weddings so I know they’re not all cheesy. Unfortunately a slim few just propel the stereotype. But since your question was so specific, I’ll use them as my example but my thoughts should actually be applied to all vendors you look at for your event.

First of all, make sure you meet with who you’re looking at. From your question I’m not sure if you’re just checking websites or if you’re scheduling times to chat. Please make sure you meet with your vendors (at the very LEAST by phone) before booking them.

To cut down on the cheese-factor with D.Js or the prices in photography, think outside the box. If you’re looking at vendors who bill themselves as wedding professionals only or advertise just in the wedding market, you’re limiting yourself. Google is your friend during your planning stages. Use it. Try typing in something like “Ontario D.J. listing” and see what pops up. You may find an association or two where all kinds of D.J.s are at the forefront.

Another favourite tool of mine is .: TSEvents :.

By going to their website you will find incredibly professional vendors who know weddings but don’t limit themselves to them. Try it!

And after you book your D.J., make sure you put the Macarena on the Do Not Play list you’re providing him or her ☺

Happy Holidays,


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