October 9, 2007

BloggerBride: The Introduction


My name, for the purposes of this blog, is BloggerBride. Susan at Moments That Shine has asked me to document this crazy little process called “Wedding Planning”. I thought I would start with an introduction of sorts.

I’m in my late 20’s (ugh- typing “late” any decade kinda hurts!) and my fiancé just turned 30. We have been together for about 6 years, and engaged for the last 13 months.

My wedding will be the first for my family. My parents are British and are finding some of the North American "traditions" a little odd. (It's not the first time. They skipped my High School graduation for a trip to Florida and I had to ask other parents to take pictures of me!)

My Dad told me recently that he couldn't believe how many weddings I go to every summer and that he thought he had been to 3. One of those being his own. My mother, on the other hand, is just starting to grasp the magnitude of the occasion. And such- is beginning to freak out. I stupidly bought her a "Mother of the Bride" guidebook... which was written for a wedding with 300 people where the bride’s family pays for everything. Silly, silly me. I have "assigned" her to flower duty in hopes that it will keep her preoccupied and not worry about the rest; like the budget.

My fiancé is half Filipino and half Irish. An exotic (read: hot) mix. He has an older brother who is married, so his family has been through it all before, and if they are throwing in their 2-cents, it isn't reaching my ears- yet. Thank god. Our families haven't met yet. That should be interesting. Mine drink, a lot. His don't. Nuff said.

Our wedding is taking place next June (actually, 249 days from today- but whose counting?) in Kleinburg at a cool little venue called The Doctor’s House (more on this later). We have some things done, and a lot still to do. In the coming days/weeks/months I will be writing about things that have happened (I bought my dress!), things we are going through (Invites! Guest list! Flowers!), and a lot of things that we are hoping to do (parachute into the reception! Just kidding!)

I hope you will all read along- maybe learn, definitely laugh. Next post, “The Proposal”.



KK said...

Hey BB - Great blog!

SO just to clarify - you've been w/ your fiance 6 years and your folks have never met?!?!

How did you manage that?!?

BloggerBride said...

I have no idea. It just never came up!

Both sides are starting to bring it up though. But FI would be happy enough if they met the day of the wedding at the chapel!

Any ideas for a neutral (short) meeting are welcome!

KK said...

Are they coffee pple? You could invite them over to your place for coffee and dessert on a Friday or Saturday and make it late enough that it can't go too long (7:30-8pm)...?

The first time my family met his was at the engagement party BUT we hand't been together NEARLY that long!