November 19, 2007

Mirror, mirror, on the wall ...

I’m not sure if it’s the ‘sudden’ change in the weather that has made me feel less energetic or if it is just daunting to think of things to write about almost every day. I do know topics are becoming tricky right now. I was going to wait for one of the guest authors to pick up my slack and make things interesting in here … but I thought I’d be a good leader ;)

As I write this there are 35 days, 3 hours and 21 minutes until Christmas. Wow. That was a collective groan if I ever heard one through cyber space! Because of that statistic I was going to write about holiday events. The only problem is that made me groan, too. I haven’t done an ounce of Christmas shopping yet so I don’t need to be reminded. Instead I thought I would poke around event and wedding trends for 2008. Looking forward will help get me through this gloomy and blustery evening.

May I please begin by breathing a huge sigh of relief at the new colours for 2008? Please know I mean absolutely no harm to any of my friends, family or clients who have used it or will be using it but I’m here to tell you pink and chocolate brown are outta here! Yes, I realize how ironic that is since the Moments That Shine colours are exactly that … but I thought of my company branding years ago :P Needless to say, between looking at my letterhead every day and seeing many a rosy and chocolaty wedding in the past year, I’m welcoming the change with open arms. Oh yeah. I suppose I should actually say what the colours are! Purple is going to be huge in every shade, gray is the new brown (which was the new black) and green is important not only environmentally but on the palette as well. Think jewel tones for everything and you’ll be keeping up with the Joneses. I’m really excited to hear in with the bold and out with the pale!

As far as attire goes, reach back, baby! Vintage and Hollywood glamour are in. Halter and plunging necklines, antique laces, satin ribbons (with a splash of colour for good measure), sexy shoes and chandelier earrings are all being snatched up. Don’t feel you have to go all out with this though. Hopefully a recent bride of mine won’t mind me using her as an example … what she did to her dress by adding a splash of colour and some bling was exactly what’s going to be emulated by tonnes of women next year … she’s so ahead of her times …

Invitations are playing a bigger role in the event as a whole. We all know the invitation is what sets the tone and next year people will be making them count. Letterpress is getting even hotter but for those who may not be able to afford that, personalization is the way to go. Be different than everyone else, put some thought into the design and go for something that screams y-o-u!

Personalization will be big in all areas of events. Rather than monograms, couples are opting to have their own logo made. You can do this and echo it all throughout your day. If you have family heirlooms, incorporate them somehow … this might even be a family recipe that you want to share with your friends (it’s amazing how much guests will gush over a homemade chocolate chip cookie). Bring in things you love even if they’re not-so-new.

Finally, think outside of the box. You don’t have to have a banquet hall dinner with round tables. People are opting for the more sheik square look with unbalanced numbers, cocktail-style receptions and live music. Guest lists are smaller than they used to be which (hopefully) frees up a bit of money for people to spend on focal points and details.

There are no rules and it looks like that’s really being embraced now!

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