December 3, 2007

Jacquelyn & Peter - July 28, 2007

I knew I was going to love Jacquelyn from the moment we sat down to dish at a trendy little café on Queen Street. She’s unconventional, knows very much who she is and beams whenever she talks about Peter. As we talked we found out we had quite a bit in common, too. She’s the Executive Editor at FASHION magazine though. That meant not much time to talk and a lot of planning to do!

The wedding was held outdoors in Toronto using the backyards of her sister’s and of her mother’s houses. How much more of a loving environment can you get?!

Jacquelyn is refreshingly proud of her heritage and didn’t forget it. The cuisine of the night was from a local Indian caterer. Served in copper pots it was spicy and full of flavour! The caterer even churned out some eye-popping fruit displays that rivaled the four hundred pound cake. Okay, it wasn’t 400 pounds but it was NOT light.

Making the wedding their own was something that came easily to this couple. I fawned over Jacquelyn’s custom dress and fragile centerpieces that were lovingly placed in family heirlooms ... but my very favourite part of the wedding was a little corner in the backyard reserved for the guests. It was there that they placed two funky yellow chairs in front of a backdrop and hired a photographer to snap pics of any friend or family member that wanted to drop by. What resulted was a collection of special photos that everyone will have a great time looking back on for years to come. Even me ;)

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