July 3, 2009

Two Toronto weddings

Just a quick post to share with you two adorable weddings from the weekend- One at McLean house here in Toronto, shades of pink with silver grey, full of peonies and other summer loveliness.
This bride was madly in love with all spring flowers, but could only get the venue she wanted at the start of the summer, so we both spent many months praying hard for a cool slow spring ( sorry to all you hot weather lovers, as our hard work seemed to pay off!) to allow her to have her peonies at least.

The second was a downtown affair at the Park Hyatt hotel-

but this bride brought a sweet organic natural vibe to the urban setting which I loved.

To Be Out In The Road

After watching the Daily Show on Wednesday night, I *had* to look up something they were talking about. And it's perfect for Friday Footwear (something I haven't posted about in a while).

They've been on the news quite a bit but have you heard of .: Heelarious :.? The company was started by two friends and their product? High heels for babies 0-6 months of age. When I first heard about it, I have to admit I was taken aback and thought it was a touch overboard. Now that I've gone to the site and seen the product more closely, I'm finding them quite adorable. I'll let you decide for yourselves ...And here is the rest of it.