March 3, 2008

Jump Back, What's That Sound ?

I've FINALLY uploaded Jacquelyn & Peter's gallery on the main website :) Choosing photos from this day wasn't an easy task as there were so many gorgeous things to look at that day. I invite you to check them out! Just don't mind the mess on the website as I'm updating other things at the same time ;)

What A Fantastic Place To Be

Coordinated a wedding this past Saturday for the lovely Maridel & Bond (pictures to come later). It was a double pleasure for me because not only did I get to share in a day that was so close to two people's hearts but I was able to work with many people I'd been wanting to meet for quite some time! Everything becomes that much easier when you're working with other vendors you relate to and have fun with. What resulted was a one-of-a-kind wedding we'll all remember! :)

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the Eco-Wedding & Lifestyle Show. Again, I met up with people that were truly a pleasure to introduce myself to or catch up with. The show itself was run smoothly and from what I could tell from chats with vendors and brides-to-be, everyone was learning lots and surrounded by like-minded people. Personally, it was the first bridal show I had attended where I felt connected to the other vendors ... everyone is doing their best to make a difference in how weddings and other events are put together. I'll be blogging more about the show in the future (perhaps even introducing you to some of the people I met) so I won't monopolize too much of your time now ;)