June 16, 2009

I'll Carve Initials In It

Yes, I stated my displeasure for pocketfold invitations last week. With all of that being said, I do get quite a few orders for them. I'll suck it up, I guess ;)

I have a couple different options for the pocketfolds now. One of them is a bit more frugal and pockets are pre-made (ie. less labour involved) ... the other are more on the pricey side but the options (colour, texture, etc) are more plentiful. Totally depends on what the client prefers! Below I'll break both down a bit more ...

The following shells are the pre-made pockets. I have well over twenty colours to choose from and a few different textures. One of the cool things is you first choose between a square or rectangle shape ...

This brown rectangle pocketfold is a marketing project I completed for the wonderful
.: Irina Photography :.

Rébecca wanted a mix of French and English invitations (something we're happy to do!) ...

The other pocketfold design is a bit more custom. The paper is cut off site (over a fifty papers to choose from) but then everything else (construction of the pockets) is done in studio.

The shape decided on is almost always square in this situation. It's a *very* classic look when completed though.

All I ask when you decide to go the pocketfold route is that you know how many materials you're using (no need to go crazy!) ... after all, you're the one that will be keeping these forever, right?