October 20, 2008

with apologies and lots of photos

It’s been a very busy wedding season for us at Periwinkle, so much so that we haven’t been able to post as often as we wanted, but to apologize we thought we would share with you a wedding in full- with photos!

Late this summer we worked on a beautiful wedding for a lovely couple here in Toronto. Their reception was at the Design Exchange building on Bay Street. The theme was coppery orange and brick red and we created the bouquets with full open roses, mango callas and mokaru orchids. The wedding preparation begins for us on the Tuesday of the wedding week, when we first receive the product and begin processing and coaxing-

Centerpieces are started on the Thursday. This wedding had three different centerpieces-each in a short pyramid vase (in a nod to the architecturally amazing Design exchange venue we chose something with an unusual shape). The first is mass of leonidas and milva roses, with beargrass swirled inside the vase and small tufts of greenery. The second design was all orange and red dahlias with beargrass in vase again, but no greenery( love love love these) and the final design was all mokaru orchids (again with beargrass in vase and no other greenery-this one was the brides favourite so we made sure this is what sat on the head table)

Friday was spent working on the personal flowers – bouquets for bride and bridesmaids and boutonnieres and corsages for the rest of the wedding party. I really love the boutonniere choices.

Saturday is game day- here’s the truck ready to head out on delivery. First stop is the church at University of Toronto to drop off the bags of boutonnieres and corsages for groom and family (no ceremony pieces for this wedding, but honestly they weren’t needed as the trinity chapel is divine all by itself) and then on to the hotel to drop off bridal bouquets and such. Next stop the venue. The staff here are super helpful and make unloading a breeze. Only the tables are up with linens only but as I work the wait staff are arriving and beginning to prep for the night.

One final check over and after touching base with the event coordinator on site I head out, well ahead of guests.