October 11, 2007

The Venue

Tonight I am taking my Mum and Dad to an open house at The Doctor's House, which is my weding venue. They haven't seen it before and I haven't been since we booked it last winter. I'm very excited.

Now that I have started planning I have a zillion questions for them. I am bringing my camera to take pictures of our room and the chapel so I can have a better idea of how to decorate. Is it tacky to be snapping away while people much on free hors d'oeuvres? Probably... Oh well.

I am going to make my dad do a practice walk down the aisle. $10 says he cries, actually, I bet we both do. Maybe I should get it all out so I don't make that horrid crying face while I'm walking down the aisle for realsies! I'm terrified of that face. When I post my proposal story you'll hear all about my body shaking sobs when that went down.

After tonight I won't be back at the Doctor's House till I'm decked out in a spectacular dress. If I think too hard about this, I might have a breakdown, or burst into tears. So for now I'll just think about the free hors d'oeuvres.



Susan Legare said...

Hey ... shouldn't you be giving your planner the head's up that you're going to the venue? :P

KK said...

Haha good point Susan!

BB I don't think it's terrible to be taking pictures - I'm sure you won't be the only one.

Will you not be there for a rehearsal? Wouldn't you rather save the practice walk down the aisle for then? Just a thought...

BloggerBride said...

Head's Up!

It's not a meeting, just an open house. I don't even know if the wedding coordinator will be around.

It's more for my Mum than anything.

But I promise to keep you in the loop- I'm new to this "having a planner" business!!


BloggerBride said...

Rehearsal... right... I guess I forgot about that!

However- I think my dad will need all the practice he can get!

Sandi said...

BB -

It's great to read along with your planning!

I can remember those little moments way back in the early days of planning a wedding. I'm sure you're going to have lots of great things to write about and many more times when the waterworks will be full force!

Remember to have fun with it all!

All the Best!

Susan Legare said...

Hysterical :)

Just think of me as another girlfriend to talk wedding stuff with ... but I'll kick your butt if you start stressing without telling me ;)