March 17, 2009

Fortunate Fool

To all of you still partying ...


The four leaf clover is a wonderful thing. With a little help from .: :. here are some facts ...

The four leaf clover has long been considered lucky. Many say this belief originated in Celtic cultures - with Wales being identified in particular. This would not surprise as the landscape of the British Isles is abundant in clovers of all shapes and sizes.

Today the Clover and Shamrock are both seen as lucky symbols in the US, Ireland and much of Europe, Australia and the rest of the world.

The origins of this belief are lost in time, but it's likely to come from the fact that the nutritional values of clover are high and domesticated animals fed on a diet rich in clover grow fat and produce good milk. From this perhaps, the plant took on the power to do good things.

The rarity of the four leaf clover has meant it is highly valued.

Another reason for the leafs power lies with the druids of long ago.

They used the clover in spells and the belief was the four leaves represent the four elements of alchemy - earth, water, fire and air - and also the four seasons.

St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock to explain the Trinity - of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Three separate parts, but intrinsically one entity.

The fourth leaf then represented God's grace.

In more modern times, special powers are granted to owners of four leafed clovers. These powers include being able to detect witches and evil spirits, and to see fairies. Cows are protected from witches by clover.

So maybe that all helps to explain the luck of the Irish..

Aparently the chances of finding one are a million to one - as there are 1,000,000 3 leafed clovers to every four leaf clover..

But they are out there, so get yourself out into a paddock and don't stop til you have your very own four leafed clover.