October 8, 2008

It's Her Daylight That Gets Me Through

I hear a lot of talk from brides about finding *THE* dress. Some are the incredibly lucky ones ... blessed with a great figure, grand budget or perhaps just being in the right place at the right time, they can buy their dress for $100 off the rack at the first salon they walk in to (true story and yes, you can read bitterness in there). Others ladies take a long time and start to panic because they've gone to salon after salon and haven't found anything. Whether it be disdain for meringues, nasty salespeople, small budgets or just plain finicky taste, it can be challenging.

As you may have guessed, I was one of the latter brides-to-be. I went to a bunch of salons with my Maid of Honour and was completely ignored. Annoying doesn't begin to cover it. I had a pretty hefty budget so that wasn't a problem. I wasn't particularly picky (other than not wanting to look too princess-like). My biggest problem was there was nothing out there for my body type. I longed to feel sexy, pretty, comfortable and glowing (if it's possible for a dress to make you look like you're glowing). I gave up. I stopped going to the salons and I went to a little shop that I had longingly peered through the windows at before ... I went custom. After three hours of being in this store just looking at the dresses and getting a sense for what I wanted, I made my consultation appointment and was ready to get 'er done. I went to my consultation the following week with sketches, photos and a sense of preparedness. Just over six months later the dress was complete and I walked out with ......... something completely different than I was expecting. I'm not upset though. My dressmaker was the expert and together we designed something that was much more suited to my shape. And let me tell you, best wedding decision (besides the groom) I made.

This post was actually meant to be an Etsy post as I cruised the site looking for wedding dresses. I wanted to make it a bit more personal though so those lovely ladies out there who are having a tough time know that there's hope ... and that there are alternatives! You don't have to go to the 'factory' bridal shops. You don't have to go custom. You don't have to wear your mom's dress (but you can!). Use your imagination and think about alternative places where you can buy dresses. And check out these Etsy designs ... varying prices and tremendous styles ...

You can actually go custom on Etsy, too. This dress by .: CustomBridal :. has beautiful detailing along one side of the bodice. Lovely!

You can also find dresses from sample sales like this one entitled The Golden Goddess. Details can be found from .: LondonDemimonde :.

This can be used as a prop for photos or even as an alternative-style wedding dress. The sale is for the skirt only (400-500 yards of tulle, people!) but use your imagination to find a matching top. Skirt by .: AllieJDesigns :.

Now for something a bit more simple. This bohemian look is affordable and definitely unique. Contact .: colorada :. for more details.

For the classic look, check out Audrey (yes, named after Ms. Hepburn). Designed beautifully by .: abstractpretty :.

Not looking for white? Or perhaps you're looking for something more dramatic. This dress by .: btrousseau :. is sure to delight!

Stunner alert! I have four picks by this next designer. One of the dresses is so spectacular that I had to include a couple photos.
The designer's name is .: joanshum :.

It was difficult to narrow down a favourite as I love all of these dresses. This one in particular is so regal ... love it! Entitled 'White Dahlia' ... breath-taking.

Next is 'Madmoiselle'. The length and bodice detailing is retro and simply divine!

'Bella Tea' takes all of our lace dreams and bundles them up into a dress so many little girls will grow up wanting to model.

And last but not least from .: joanshum :. is 'Love In The Mist'. There are so many aspects of this dress that I love. Check out the detailed tulle skirt. And a dress with sleeves! And what's awesome the dress can be strapless if you so choose. Love it!

You'd think that would have been my favourite dress of my Etsy finds. Nope. For me, this incredibly simple design by .: LondonDemimonde :. takes the cake. The plunging neckline is the focal point and everything else is so soft. If you like it, contact the seller quickly as it's sold out before!

Hope you've enjoyed this trip into the world of dresses. I know I enjoyed looking for new designs and sharing my story with you :)