October 16, 2007

The 'Off' Season

Supposedly weddings have wound down and this is the time for me to catch up on paperwork, attend bridal shows, update my website, have coffee with clients ... all that good stuff. Someone forgot to tell that to future clients, people needing favours and my messy office.

Luckily I took care of the latter the other day ... the day before I was hired to coordinate a function for a care dealership. The function being in FIVE business days. EEK! Of course it can be done ... little things that I wanted to do this week just get pushed back a bit. The good news is next week I'll have some lovely pictures to post of a 2008 Vehicle Launch Event! What? That doesn't grab your fancy? ;) Maybe this will ...

It's a great idea for a twist on the cupcake cakes that are so popular ... full credit to my favourite bridal magazine from Australia!