June 26, 2009

Forever Isn't Far, It's Coming Soon

There isn't really a more important time in one's life than when having a baby. And when two people you absolutely love and adore announce that they're becoming first-time parents there isn't a more exciting time as a friend.

Reem and Craig dropped by for a visit one weekend last summer and right before they left, Reem gave us the good news. Besides instant jubilation, my Planner Brain started in full force and the next nine months (yeah, I refuse to do weeks) flew by. After all, I don't have a sister, my brother is a mere fifteen years old and almost all of my close friends with babies are far from me. This was my opportunity to become an honourary aunt!!! It's all about the baby though, right? ;)

I'm not sure how it started or why but I decided to call the baby 'Sweet Pea' ... and it kind of stuck. Every month I would package up some kind of a Sweet Pea related gift and mail it off to Reem. Hopefully it was as fun for her as it was for me!

Christmas rolled around and Reem was VERY pregnant. What better gift than a portrait session with .: JBSmith Photography :.? I picked up a gift certificate from Jessica and then made sure Reem arranged to have the session when I was planning her top-secret Sweet Pea baby shower! There were quite a few hiccups but we managed to get all of her friends here for the day before the session for a nice surprise. Before I go into the shower itself, I'd love for you to tune in tomorrow to read Jessica's post about the portrait session. Perhaps backwards but it works ;)

Tomorrow is Baby's 120th day with all of us so we'll continue this story then ...