January 29, 2009

She's in Love With the Boy

Valentine's Day is approaching! Stuck on what to get this year? Start cruising places like Etsy for ideas. Here are some gems that I found ...

Is your loved one a poker fan? .: crimsonking :. have these wonderful aces up their sleeves!

Possibly frivolous but what man doesn't partake in the odd beer or two? The perfect carrying solution is brought to you by .: RobertoSand :.

.: dahlhartlane :. can make you a little something to remind your beau you want to grow old with him.

iLove courtesy of .: blytheking :.

.: solidio :. knows belt buckles are back!

Love love LOVE this journal by .: greentrikepress :. It's made from a leather couch!

Music and money fan? Maybe he just likes to keep things in order. This clip by .: sudlow :. is groovy.

Beautiful claddagh engraved olive pen by .: WoodenPenWorks :.

This is something that's perfect for the man in your life that takes pride in looking his best! They are engraved shirt stiffeners by .: chrisparry :.

And what man wouldn't think this is the coolest?! .: 8milecreekdesigns :. has put together a clock made from the hubcap of a 1969/70 Mustang!!!

Whatever you chose, remember to have fun with it this year :)