August 11, 2008

You Are My Twin Moon

Our next featured blog entry is from a fun bride planning things from a bit of an untraditional angle ... it sounds like it's going to be great!

Here Come the Brides…

In general, I have found that living life as one part of a lesbian duo is less hassle than the straight alternative. When we see a new mother holding a baby we both grab our abdomens in that oh-God-I-wish-I-could-just-steal-him/her-and-move-to-Hawaii-kinda-way and totally get what the other is feeling. When my dear Aunt Flo has come to visit and having sex seems less appealing than dropping a cartoon anvil on my lovely fiancée’s head, she is able to hand me a bottle of Midol, rub my feet and not take any of my crazy-talk personally. Nobody in my household thinks that it’s funny to fart and hold somebody’s head under the sheets. I can dress my terrier in a leopard print jacket with pink-fur on the collar without a lot of flack (true story). And agreeing on a video at Blockbuster is actually quite easy.

So, I naturally assumed that planning a wedding with two creative, energetic and organized brides would be a snap. I mean how many times have I heard my straight girl friends complaining that their husbands were less than enthusiastic when it came to wedding planning? My friend Trish, barely audible through muffled sobs on the other end of my phone, saying “The tux, the tux, all he had do was order his own tux. Could he do that? Could he manage to pick up the phone and make that one simple call?” was ringing a bell as I sat in my perfectly clean (because no boys live here) condo imagining what would ultimately be my (err… I mean our) flawless wedding day.
Staring down at my black titanium engagement ring with the perfect princess-cut diamond sparkling under the glow of the energy-efficient light bulb my darling had just replaced in my desk lamp, I felt a little like the cat who ate the canary. But as anyone who watched Saturday morning cartoons as a child (or as an adult) knows, Tweety Bird generally struggles enough and eventually gets out of Sylvester the Cat’s mouth. That happened to me when my fiancée came into the room asking for my mother’s second cousin’s address. It went something like this:

Me: “Why do you need her address? The wedding is over a year away. Are we even inviting her?”
Her: “Yes we’re inviting her – you’re mother already emailed me her guest list and she’s on it. How am I supposed to send her an STD if I don’t have her address?”
Me: “You’re sending her a what?!”
Her: “A Save the Date card. I have three samples made. You can see them after you get me her address.”

Is having two brides in a wedding like having two cooks in the kitchen? I guess we will see. Hopefully our wedding will be made with two parts love, one part compromise and only a tiny, little dash of disagreement for flavor.