November 28, 2007


Hello everyone. I just thought I'd write a short (or not so short...we'll see) introduction as I will be making appearances on this blog in the next little while. As susan menioned, I am getting married April 26th 2008. So today marks "5 months minus 2 days" in the countdown.

The thing that is most scary to me is that with all this focus on Christmas in the coming month, and my brother and his girlfriend expecting a baby at the end of January (they are our best man and Maid of honour), I have a feeling that after the baby arrives, everyone's going to go "Wait a minute... only 3 months until the wedding!!!" and we will run around like chickens with our heads cut off.

When that happens, (yes WHEN, not if) I will try to take time from my busy headless poultry dashing to try to document it so that at least someone gets some enjoyment out of it (The word's "Schadenfreude"... be sure to look it up. It will be a common theme on my entries Im sure. And Im also impressed with myself that I spelled it right the first time. Yay! I get a cookie!)

Hmmm...what else should you know about me?....Oh. I love brackets! (the punctuation kind, not the hardware. Although Im sure you noticed). I guess its a sign that I love sharing details about things. Susan asked me to fill out some fill in the blank introductory questions for my profile. I had a hard time deciding the "I am passionate about..." one. Maybe I should have said Im passionate about brackets and the PROPER use thereof.

You know, this post is very indicative of what's going on with me. Notice Im avoiding all wedding details and such? Yup, that's me right now. I'm all weddinged out. From consulting with others, it seems that such a phase its quite common around the 5-6 month-to-go mark. Good thing for you is Im kinda coming out of it so Im sure I'll actually post once in awhile!

Anyway, back to introductory things, I met my Fiance in the summer of 2000 when we worked together at a summer job. He's now a long haul truckdriver which brings a whole set of challenges in itself. We have two cats and a dog (One of my cats, Omiya, sitting on my wrists and rubbing her head on the keyboard so I think she's trying to say hi to you). I spent a year teaching English in Japan which is important to know for a few reasons, but most of all, our wedding is asian themed despite the fact that neither of us are of asian decent.

Anyway, I wont take up anymore of your time for now. But thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy my point of view on this whole wedding planning journey.

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BloggerBride said...

Welcome, KD!!

looking forward to reading your ramblings.