November 25, 2008

Weak In The Knees For You

As promised, I'd like to share with you a hot designer I found via the show Who Are You Wearing?. I was watching Episode Two and one of the contestants immediately drew me in. It wasn't her designs at first but her demeanor ... there was just something about her that I sincerely liked. Then I found out her niche is bridal dresses ... eco-friendly gowns. Let the love fest begin!!!

The designer in focus is .: Morgan Boszilkov :. and I'm happy to say she did wonderfully on the show. Melissa Rivers was the celebrity of the episode and after sketching, measuring, designing and assembling her creation, Morgan was chosen as the winner (yay!).

After the show I immediately went to Morgan's site and was blown away by her gowns. I contacted her shortly thereafter to see if she would be so kind as to write up a guest spot for the blog ... and she sent a great write-up back. Without further ado, here's Morgan ...

I have always been environmentally conscious and try to be eco-friendly in both my personal and business life. When I decided
to start my business, I looked around to see what eco-friendly dresses were available. I was surprised to find so few green options available! I knew that I would make beautiful gowns that are better for the environment.

My collection is designed to be everything that a bride dreams of in a wedding dress: elegant, beautiful, well-made, luxurious. And it also happens to be eco-friendly! I believe sustainable fabrics are not limiting, but have endless potential for creating fabulous designs.
When choosing an eco-chic wedding dress, a bride should find out what makes the dress eco-friendly. She should find out if the designer uses sustainable fabrics and if the dress was made in a socially responsible manner. Another thing that some designers do is to donate or give back to the environment or to communities in need. I recommend that a bride finds a style that flatters her figure and one in which she will feel beautiful just like with regular gowns. A bride can be beautiful and still make an eco-chic statement!

I am inspired by everything in nature. I have also found that traveling in Europe and Asia has broadened my horizons in terms of design concepts. I returned to the United States with so much creative energy and inspiration after being abroad.

I use sustainable fabrics such as organic silk and Peace silk, Hemp/silk blends, bamboo and organic cotton blends, organic linen, and organic cotton. It is very exciting that the availability of eco-friendly fabrics is growing. There are new gorgeous fabrics coming onto the market all the time, expanding design possibilities. When searching for eco-friendly fabrics, I also seek suppliers who are socially conscious. The natural fabrics are so beautiful and feel wonderful. I can't look at polyester in the same way anymore now that I have been working with sustainable fabrics for so long. I find the natural fabrics to be more luxurious than synthetic materials.

I hope to expand my line and offer a greater range and variety of dresses each year. I am constantly designing and look forward to showing my next season's collection.

Thank you so much, Morgan! *I* look forward to all of the new designs and hearing about you in the headlines!

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