June 2, 2009

Just before *the* big humanities conference of the year started here in Ottawa a week and a bit ago, I got the chance to meet up with Susan and spend the day doing, what else? wedding planning.

It was a fabu day that went by way too fast!

Susan has blogged about it already so I won't bore you by going over the same details. I should point out that I could have crammed more into the day, but I know I can be a bit overpowering at times, so I tried to just relax and let it all flow; something Susan has been coaching me on, for weddings of course, but I'm trying to make it flow into other aspects too. Susan was fantastic... even when I got us hopelessly lost in Carleton Place trying to find one of Ottawa's main dress stores, Sinders Bridal. I'll have to make sure that I know which way is south and which is north on our next dress hunting excursion. Susan? I Promise!

I'm so happy to have finally gotten to meet Susan in the flesh and I'm stoked about the wedding again thanks to deciding on the Chateau Laurier. It is nice to have the reception venue picked. As Susan mentioned, it doesn't tick four out of the five boxes I've have originally put on a search form.

Yes it's a huge hotel, smack dab in the centre of a big Canadian city. It doesn't offer an outdoor space for us for the ceremony. But it is a castle of sorts, and MM has a thing for castles (do all guys share that? they seem to). And with both of us being proudly Canadian, it certainly offers up dollops of patriotism and history. Heck it's right next door our nation's Parliament Buildings... you can't get much more historic than that!

So with that chosen, other things fell into place. We've booked Irina Photography for the wedding. You may remember them from our engagement shoot earlier this year. I've got my eye on a baker and a florist. Big things to find next? The ceremony spot and The Dress. Again, prospects for both, but all will have to wait while I meet MM in Europe for a few weeks for his army leave.

I'll try to take a few pics of us while I'm there and see if I can spot anything interesting on the ship that relates to weddings, marriages and couple bliss. The first few might be hard.. the last one should be easy. I will only have to look in the mirror!