October 31, 2007

Rule-of-thumb ... for the face!

Regardless of what season a Bride chooses for her wedding day, there are certain things that every Bride should remember...

Two coats of waterproof mascara is key for keeping the lashes in tact from tears of joy. No Bride wants train tracks running down her cheeks. Combined with waterproof eyeliner for definition, your eye makeup will remain intact much longer than with regular formulas.

False eyelashes are a great option for Brides who want fuller lashes, and wear quite nicely when applied securely. Do a trial run first to make sure you are comfortable wearing them.

Lips should always be lined, filled in and lipstick applied over top for maximum staying power. Top off with minimal gloss for shine and moisture, but avoid over glossing for your photos. And, always, always, always, have a lip moisturizer on your lips when you’re not wearing lipstick. Keep them soft, supple and protected at all times and avoid products containing camphor, as they tend to dry out the lips.

Just as water is important for the body, it’s equally important for the skin. Dehydration is a major issue for many people, and drinking plenty of water all year round will plump your skin and minimize fine, crêpey dehydration lines. Scrubs will rid the skin of the flakiness and dead skin cells, plus provide a smooth surface for creams to penetrate and makeup to be applied.

Bronzers and finishing powders are great for all seasons – they add a subtle glow to the face regardless of the time of year. Don’t forget to take your bronzer down the neck and décolleté to avoid a demarcation line in the jaw area.

Eyebrows should always be shaped and tidy. After all, they are the picture frame to the eye. Waxing is an inexpensive, quick service that gives you an instant eye lift.

Choose a dual powder in place of a loose powder. Dual powders are the most versatile of makeup items and can be used wet or dry, with a sponge or a brush depending on the coverage needed. And being in compact form, they are perfect for traveling especially to your honeymoon destination.

So while you’re planning all the details of your special day, remember to plan your skin and makeup needs too. Prep your skin in advance, select the bridal look that’s right for you by doing a pre-trial, and don’t leave your most important item to last … you.