November 30, 2008

I Want To Be Brave


All weekend (even though I'm technically on a mini-vacation) I've been having network problems. It's all very mysterious as it's only pertaining to my email and website ... and me! I've been told all of you can see things just fine but for some reason I can't. This means I'm having some troubles viewing emails. If you've sent me something and I haven't replied back in due time, leave me a comment here and I'll get back to you from my personal account.

And if you're having troubles viewing my site or blog or emails are bouncing back to you, kindly let me know :)

Oh ... and send patience my way, please ;)

November 28, 2008

It's Not Unusual ...

I was going to make a designer shoes post for Friday Footwear this week when I stumbled upon these gems ...

They're heel-less shoes by Manolo Blanik. I'll spare you on how much they cost though. Just admire them ;)

November 27, 2008

Ahead By A Century

Hmmm ... ahead of my times?

If you watched Oprah yesterday you noticed some thrifty gift-giving ideas (go .: here :. if you would like a recap). The first one is something rather near and dear to my heart! Some may remember my .: Valentine's dilemma :. last year. It seems my husband and I turn almost everything into a bit of a theme. Anyhow, one thing I forgot to mention with that post is I also include something a little extra every year ... reasons why I love him. It would be logical and easy if I just put them in a card or book but no. Instead I type them out in about size 12 font, cut them out in strips, make them into tiny scrolls and then stuff them within the gift. Usually I do about 100 of them. Sounds silly but it's honestly the best gift. For hours I sit and think about why he's special to me and in return he feels even more appreciated throughout the year (he doesn't open them all at once).

I'm sure I've repeated myself in one or two of the reasons over the years but it's always fun to actually read, "I love you because you taught me the easy way to chop green onions" :)

PS ... Oprah is giving a free CD download until tomorrow. Check it out .: here :.

November 26, 2008

Call Me Call Me Any Anytime

Coming to you from the What-Will-They-Think-Of-Next file ...

The iPhone has an application for all of you brides-to-be out there. Actually, they have more than one but for today's post we'll just show off one of them ...

If you have the iPhone and you would like to spend that whopping 99 cents (U.S.), ANDEsigned has designed a ticker just for you. .: Wedding Day :. will count down the days (hours, minutes, seconds) until the big date.

But that's not all!

After you say, "I DO!" it will actually count how long you've been married.

I imagine my husband would roll his eyes and make a comment about *knowing* we've been married for a long time ;)

November 25, 2008

Weak In The Knees For You

As promised, I'd like to share with you a hot designer I found via the show Who Are You Wearing?. I was watching Episode Two and one of the contestants immediately drew me in. It wasn't her designs at first but her demeanor ... there was just something about her that I sincerely liked. Then I found out her niche is bridal dresses ... eco-friendly gowns. Let the love fest begin!!!

The designer in focus is .: Morgan Boszilkov :. and I'm happy to say she did wonderfully on the show. Melissa Rivers was the celebrity of the episode and after sketching, measuring, designing and assembling her creation, Morgan was chosen as the winner (yay!).

After the show I immediately went to Morgan's site and was blown away by her gowns. I contacted her shortly thereafter to see if she would be so kind as to write up a guest spot for the blog ... and she sent a great write-up back. Without further ado, here's Morgan ...

I have always been environmentally conscious and try to be eco-friendly in both my personal and business life. When I decided
to start my business, I looked around to see what eco-friendly dresses were available. I was surprised to find so few green options available! I knew that I would make beautiful gowns that are better for the environment.

My collection is designed to be everything that a bride dreams of in a wedding dress: elegant, beautiful, well-made, luxurious. And it also happens to be eco-friendly! I believe sustainable fabrics are not limiting, but have endless potential for creating fabulous designs.
When choosing an eco-chic wedding dress, a bride should find out what makes the dress eco-friendly. She should find out if the designer uses sustainable fabrics and if the dress was made in a socially responsible manner. Another thing that some designers do is to donate or give back to the environment or to communities in need. I recommend that a bride finds a style that flatters her figure and one in which she will feel beautiful just like with regular gowns. A bride can be beautiful and still make an eco-chic statement!

I am inspired by everything in nature. I have also found that traveling in Europe and Asia has broadened my horizons in terms of design concepts. I returned to the United States with so much creative energy and inspiration after being abroad.

I use sustainable fabrics such as organic silk and Peace silk, Hemp/silk blends, bamboo and organic cotton blends, organic linen, and organic cotton. It is very exciting that the availability of eco-friendly fabrics is growing. There are new gorgeous fabrics coming onto the market all the time, expanding design possibilities. When searching for eco-friendly fabrics, I also seek suppliers who are socially conscious. The natural fabrics are so beautiful and feel wonderful. I can't look at polyester in the same way anymore now that I have been working with sustainable fabrics for so long. I find the natural fabrics to be more luxurious than synthetic materials.

I hope to expand my line and offer a greater range and variety of dresses each year. I am constantly designing and look forward to showing my next season's collection.

Thank you so much, Morgan! *I* look forward to all of the new designs and hearing about you in the headlines!

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November 24, 2008

How Many Rivers To Cross

Hi Moments That Shine,

I’m getting married in 2010 and looking at doing my invitations soon. We’re budgeting right now but have a problem. We have no idea how many invitations we’re going to need! The first draft of our guest list is 150. What do you suggest?



Hi Tina,

Congratulations ☺ You sound like you’ve just started planning and I have to say … you’re on the right track! The first thing I want to know from my clients is if they’ve at least started talking about the amount of money they want to spend on the wedding. And invitations definitely set the tone for the day so you’ll want to get started on that as soon as you can.

If you don’t know how many people you’re going to end up inviting just yet, my rule of thumb is your estimated number divided by two and then add about five to ten percent. In other words, one per couple invited plus a bit of a cushion ... so about 80-90 for you. Of course this may go up or down depending on the number of single people and families but that’s a good starting point.

The reason you want that cushion is for a few reasons. First, you may end up inviting more people. You can usually order extra from your stationeer but they may cost a premium for a low run … ordering additional invites at the onset will help alleviate that cost.

Another reason for ordering more is human error. You just might make a mistake in addressing envelopes … the horror! Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.
And of course, you’re going to have a keepsake. Make sure you order enough so that you have one for yourself!

Have fun in the next stage … designing ;)



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November 23, 2008

Whooooo Are You?

There's a fairly new program on TLC called .: Who Are You Wearing? :. If you haven't heard of it, the premise is four would-be designers are assembled and they compete with one another to have the celebrity of the episode wear their creation to a red carpet event.

I caught the show because my wonderful husband was running errands one day and I had the T.V. to myself ;) I didn't think I would be a huge fan but I found myself incredibly interested in the results! I was also rooting for a particular designer in the first episode I watched. I'm happy to say that I was able to track her down afterward and she agreed to do up a quick posting for the blog! I'll be making you wait a little while to find out just who it was, the celebrity of the episode and, of course, what message she would like to tell you. Until then, read up on the show and catch it if you can!

November 21, 2008

When I'm Asleep I Dream You Move In Next Week

I was hopping around different websites a few weeks back when I found this photo ...

Love it! We worry so much (some more than others) about what shoes to wear on special occasions. These ladies have taken things to the next level ...

How about some shoe bling? You can add it with actual pre-made decals or stick on rhinestones. You could also grab some glitter glue from a craft store and write your own message.

(above photo courtesy .: Jules Bianchi Photography :.)

How about stickers? This bride's niece made sure she had her something blue ...

And a heart (or two) sums up a wedding in the truest form ...

November 20, 2008

I Heard a Rumour She Loves the Mountains and the Snow

In honour of the first snowfall of the season, this week's Etsy post is all about keeping warm!

This cottonwood capelet is by .: fringe :. The bloom brooch is detachable but why not add a bit of oomph to your outfit and keep it there?

Are you really cold? Check out this full wrap by .: knitnjules :.

Need a little sparkle? I love how this is functional yet pretty and delicate at the same time. Scarflette by .: TheSpinningHand :.

If faux fur is more your style, take a gander at this wrap by .: Wrapor :.

Capelets are great because they give you warmth AND you're able to move your arms without worry! This one is by .: TickledPinkKnits :. There's even bamboo in there!

Let's not forget about your hands! .:SeasideKnitting:. hopes to keep them warm with these cuffs (love the pearls as well!).

.:piperewan :. has some funky accessories for your shawl. This flower is made of hand-dyed hanah silk and sewn by hand.

Definitely not ordinary, check out this shawl by .: laslopezlas :. The mixed fibres create such a unique look!

If lace is your cup of tea, this retro shawl by .:katetowers :. may be exactly what you're looking for. Divine!

And my favourite of the week? I gotta be me ... it's colour time!
This shawl, also by .: laslopezlas :., would be perfect with a dress or simply over a black shirt and jeans. Be a vixen!!!

November 19, 2008

Get Ready For Something To Be Something ...

Love this idea so I had to share it!

I am a ribbon whore. There. I admitted it. Satin, silk, organza ... all widths ... from mauve to burnt orange. My cupboards are full.

Since I have this odd addiction, a table adorned with ribbons would send me in a tizzy. If you're looking to jazz things up for your next party/event/dinner, why not try this?!

above photo by .: Tinywater Photography :.

November 17, 2008

You Fill My Head With Colours Of Wonder & Delight

I'm so happy to start this section of the blog now! Thanks to Rethinking for making this first one so much fun ...

Hi there,

I'm getting married next year and I'm really excited because I'm starting to look for a dress. YAY! The only issue is that I have this tattoo on the back of my shoulder and I'm not sure if I want to show it off or keep it hidden away. I really had my heart set on a strapless dress. What should I do? Help!


Rethinking My Ink

Waterloo, ON

Dear Rethinking,

YAY indeed! Shopping for the dress is one of the most exciting times during wedding planning but it can be daunting. And I’m talking for those of us who didn’t have to take tattoos into consideration!

If I were in your shoes, the first thing would be to decide on comfort level as far as the artwork being seen. If it’s something that has meaning to you and you love it, embrace it. Make it an extension of your look of the day. Some brides have not only shown off their tattoo but they play on it. Do you have a cherry blossom across your shoulder? Maybe you can have cherry blossoms on your invites, ring pillow and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Of course you can go the route of covering it up … if the tat is something you no longer want, are willing to pay a lot of money to get rid of, go through some painful processes AND have lots of time before the wedding. Sounds like you’re attached to it though. You can certainly try covering it up with makeup (Dermablend seems to be the brand of choice). Be forewarned that even the best makeup artist likely won’t be able to guarantee the results. A better (and more creative) option would be to go hunting for a shawl or shrug that would cover it up nicely during the ceremony and then let it show during the reception.

Personally? I’d flaunt it. It’s your wedding, it’s your tattoo and YOU want a strapless dress. What better day to show the world the real you? ☺

Relish the attention!


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November 14, 2008

You Were Meant For Me And I Was Meant For You

Friday Footwear time ...

Last night I walked into an Aldo store (shopping for my husband instead of me for a change). While we were paying I was looking at the rack of jewellery and all the goodies on sale. One thing I found was a great costume brooch kind of like this one ...

For a whopping $9.98, this brooch was on sale ... and it was two for one.

*insert spinning wheels here*

If you have a pair of shoes (preferably fabric and ones you don't mind experimenting with), why not pick up two of these brooches and turn plain into PIZAZZ?!
Simply take one brooch per shoe and either *carefully* pin it to the front or take the stem off and use some durable glue ... or you could even sew them if you're so inclined. Try it out and customize your own pair!!!