November 28, 2007

The Florist

I had my first meeting with a florist this weekend. I took my mum. She is an avid gardener and knows a whole heck of a lot more about flowers than I do.

The florist was great and welcoming and made us feel cozy about being there. Not to mention the store smelled heavenly like Spring in the midst of the slush and snow outside. I had only a very basic idea of what I wanted. I’m very open to suggestion and flexible about the flowers. Turns out the one thing on my “I would really like to have…” list is actually one that’s difficult to guarantee! Of course! But I’m told as long as I promise not to burst into tears if the weather/ growing season decides it doesn’t want fit into the Master Wedding Schedule that Susan is making for us, it’s okay. There’s plenty of similar substitutes. Like I said, I like to think I’m a pretty flexible person. I can deal with that (Cut to: June 1st and bloggerbride having a Bridezilla Breakdown over her flowers) hehehe.

My mum was thrilled to discover that she won’t have to set it all up and then move it from the church to the reception. I think she assumed she was going to be the “runner” for the whole day! I hope she can let everyone else deal with it so she can actual ENJOY herself.

We went through absolutely every flower we would need for the day from the bridal parties bouquets to the single stems in the centerpiece I have designed (in my head). We poured over photos galore and it really got my mum and I excited. It feels like with every new meeting and new vendor the wedding becomes a little bit more real.

The florist turned the quote around super quick. Now we have to digest the information and decide if it’s right for us.


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