October 9, 2007

BloggerBride: The Introduction


My name, for the purposes of this blog, is BloggerBride. Susan at Moments That Shine has asked me to document this crazy little process called “Wedding Planning”. I thought I would start with an introduction of sorts.

I’m in my late 20’s (ugh- typing “late” any decade kinda hurts!) and my fiancé just turned 30. We have been together for about 6 years, and engaged for the last 13 months.

My wedding will be the first for my family. My parents are British and are finding some of the North American "traditions" a little odd. (It's not the first time. They skipped my High School graduation for a trip to Florida and I had to ask other parents to take pictures of me!)

My Dad told me recently that he couldn't believe how many weddings I go to every summer and that he thought he had been to 3. One of those being his own. My mother, on the other hand, is just starting to grasp the magnitude of the occasion. And such- is beginning to freak out. I stupidly bought her a "Mother of the Bride" guidebook... which was written for a wedding with 300 people where the bride’s family pays for everything. Silly, silly me. I have "assigned" her to flower duty in hopes that it will keep her preoccupied and not worry about the rest; like the budget.

My fiancé is half Filipino and half Irish. An exotic (read: hot) mix. He has an older brother who is married, so his family has been through it all before, and if they are throwing in their 2-cents, it isn't reaching my ears- yet. Thank god. Our families haven't met yet. That should be interesting. Mine drink, a lot. His don't. Nuff said.

Our wedding is taking place next June (actually, 249 days from today- but whose counting?) in Kleinburg at a cool little venue called The Doctor’s House (more on this later). We have some things done, and a lot still to do. In the coming days/weeks/months I will be writing about things that have happened (I bought my dress!), things we are going through (Invites! Guest list! Flowers!), and a lot of things that we are hoping to do (parachute into the reception! Just kidding!)

I hope you will all read along- maybe learn, definitely laugh. Next post, “The Proposal”.


Busy Fall ...

We've been busy the past little while! Summer is always packed with weddings but fall has been insane!!! Four weddings and a bridal show in the past five weekends ... not to mention some invitations orders and plenty of meetings for more bookings (not that we're complaining).

The most special of all these occasions happened on September 30th when our own lovely colleague, Crystal, married her beau. I can't think of a more appropriate wedding to start the blog with!

Some of you may remember Crystal from your own weddings and functions as she comes out to assist as much as possible. The ceremony and reception site were the same ... Le Jardin in Woodbridge. We arrived early to set up decorations and help make sure vendors popped in according to schedule ... and of course to make sure the bride-to-be was still calm. Everything turned out beautifully from the traditional wedding cake (made by the groom's aunt) & the truffle cake to the alternating tiered centrepieces on all of the tables. And of course the bride was gorgeous in her Audrey Hepburn-inspired gown.

We're All Set Up!

Welcome to our little spot on the blog world! We've been trying to get this going for some time now but with the wedding season in full swing, it was challenging to say the least. We're here now though and ready to keep you coming back for more :)

Rather than go on and on just about Moments That Shine, we plan on bringing in guest authors in addition to our own postings. That way things stay fresh as well as updated and there is something for everyone!

Have fun reading and please keep checking back!