February 5, 2008

Can't Help Wondering Why

While waiting for the phone company this morning I was watching a little Breakfast Television. One of the stories that caught my attention was a little blurb about You & Your Wedding Magazine (UK based) taking a survey of brides that has resulted in them compiling together a contract for bridesmaids to sign. I realize some brides will actually love this but I can't help but think it's a touch over the top in certain areas. I will admit it was good for a laugh though. My personal favourites were:

"I will not gain more than 7lbs between now and the wedding"
"I will not intentionally fall pregnant before the wedding"
and last but not least ...
"I will not remove any item of my Bridesmaid outfit during the reception"

To see the whole article and the contract click on the photo (by Heather Castles at the Illustration Castle) ...

Young Folks

I'm thrilled to say Lisa Ng from hello DJ! has joined the crew at the blog ... please check out her work online and if you're in the market for a DJ, I highly suggest giving her a jingle. Not only is she young, hip and the most energetic vendor I've had the pleasure of meeting but she's masterfully managed to make a name for herself in an industry dominated by men (no offense, guys). I'd boast about her recent feats but she may want to say a bit about that in her first posts ;)

Welcome to the mix, Lisa!!!

I'm hoping to add another few young folks so stay tuned ... as soon as they send their pictures, they'll be up here ;)