January 15, 2008

MGX Productions Introduction!

Hello All,

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Martin from MGX Productions. This is my first blog entry and I have to say I'm very very excited to be a part of the Moments That Shine Blog. I met Susan at a Breast Cancer fundraiser last year, it was a great event for a worthy cause! I have to say she handled everything so wonderfully that evening, and I'm looking forward to working with her again!

A little bit about me and the company. At MGX Productions, we concentrate on wedding and special event videography. My style is documentary, candid, unobtrusive. Meaning no big bright lights! Have you ever been to a wedding and all of a sudden, huge 1000 watt movie lights are turned on? In all honesty, it does make the video look marginally better, but realistically, it ruins the atmosphere of the wedding, along with all the hard work people put into decorating the space. These days, video cameras are much more sensative to light than in the past. Meaning, you need less additional light to make the video quality look great! (*tip - If you're in the market for a videographer, make sure they use 3CCD video cameras - they are much more sensitive to light than cameras with 1CCD)

I've been in the wedding videography business for over 8 years. I graduated from Seneca at York in 2000 with honours, where I majored in video production & visual effects compositing. After graduation, I worked on a freelance basis for a year or so, then decided to go on my own and started MGX Productions in 2001! It's been so great, I've filmed and edited over 250 weddings, and have worked with so many great vendors throughout the years.

I love working with people. The most rewarding part of what I do is knowing that I have a hand in preserving a couple's memories for a lifetime.

I'll be adding entries here and there when I have stuff to talk about! Until then!

Girl ... er ... Guy In Green

Last Friday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Hamilton photographer Trevor Weeks. It was a rather serendipitous meeting as an email from him found its way to my desktop with perfect timing ... Trevor's very much an activist for something important ... going GREEN. He taught me quite a bit (and still is) about carbon-neutral events ... offsetting your emissions. If you remember from a previous post, I've been trying to figure out ways to make this a habit with my own company and to spread the word about how being conscious about the environment is a must. At the moment I'm working with Trevor to find additional vendors with the same desire. If you happen to know of anyone we should check out, please feel free to send me an email or respond to this post.

In the meantime, I hope you'll be kind in welcoming Trevor to the mix of guest bloggers on this site! He's sure to not only shed some light on photography but on the world of green as well!!!

Oh, and he has amazing taste in music ... be sure to ask him about that ;)

Tell Me More!

For all of you getting married in the coming months, do you have your invitations yet? Whether you're doing something simple and conjuring up an e-vite or you want to go with the traditional paper, time is ticking! Remember that your invitation is the first thing your guests will see that will give them insight as to the mood of your party. It should reflect who you are as a couple and give your guests a hint as to what to expect. Make sure you contact us after browsing through the website!