April 15, 2008


Okay, I know you read the title and said "Whoa! first thing's first! Get yourself married first!" But I just HAD to share this with you. From the start, Adam and I talked about possible honeymoon options. We reviewed every pocket of the world possible! Hawaii, Japan, Dominican, Cuba, Germany...the list goes on and even includes road trips to various North American destinations (or via points!). Eventually, we decided that with our limited vacation time as well as to avoid pushing financial limits, it would be best to forgo a honeymoon.

Whenever I heard others talk about honeymoons, traveling, the Caribbean, and the like I admit, I got a little down about our decision. I felt like I was missing out on a big part of the wedding process. But its funny how things just happened.

It started with Adam talking about his vacation time from work. He said that no matter what (IE with or without me) he was going camping the week after the wedding because it was his only time off for the year (aside from the wedding week). I said I would consider going. He started advertising to friends on a camping message board that he was going camping for his honeymoon. Even hard core campers said "are you nuts?" and lots of arguments were made concerning chilly April/May nights. One of the campers, in their wisdom, suggested a resort just outside the provincial park. Its a 5 star resort, but its got all the outdoor activities one would want from a camping excursion.

So we booked ourselves a honeymoon. Its SO us, its budget friendly (just the cost of a tank of gas+ accommodations) Something strange happened after we booked it. suddenly, there was something to look forward to. Okay, no its not like I've been dreading the wedding itself. But all of this work, stress and worry for one day kinda seemed to not really even out in my mind. But knowing that whatever happened that day, we were getting away and having a little holiday kinda makes everything that much easier to face.

I open my emails and answer the phone with a little more ease today thinking of the honeymoon. I'm SO glad it worked out this way and I'm not even there yet!