July 29, 2008

Pulling Weeds in the Later Afternoon Sun - Third Installment

For all of you winter brides, here is my quick guide on flowers to look for. As always, ask your florist if they're in season in your area!

Amaryllis - yes again ;)





Paperwhite Narcissus

Star of Bethlehem


Baby, What a Big Surprise

Fantastic news while I was shopping today. Not only did I successfully find what I was looking for but I came across a postcard with some exciting information! For anyone in the Durham region that might be tired of going to the big grocery stores or looking for those local markets only to find out they're closed, there's a new solution ... durham Organics!

They put together bins of fresh, organic produce from local farms and deliver straight to your door. You can choose from four different levels, each one with it's own benefits. The produce does not travel more than 100kms, when delivering they use their efficient Hybrid van, they commit to carbon offsets ... the list goes on.

Check out the website. I'm hoping this leads to more organic caterers in the area, too ... perfect for events!

To a Valley in the Spring Time

Last year I stumbled upon an amazing little flower that has quickly become a favourite. In the GTA you can find it in late summer/early fall (or at least I did) but to be honest, I'm not sure what's seasonal. It is grown commercially in in South Africa but a florist would have to help me out with what happens here.

The thing that was most interesting to me to find out? It's common name is Blushing Bride :)

To see more pics and read up on some info, click on 'Keep Reading' ...

Here's a great link that explains a bit more about this mysterious flower ... Protea - Blushing Bride