November 28, 2007

Holiday Sandwich

So here it is, November 28th...about a week after Thanksgiving (US version) and less than a month until Christmas. We're sandwiched between the holidays - anyone beginning to feel squooshed yet?

I've been thinking more about the holidays than wedding planning to be honest. I did manage to do a first draft of our wedding workbook so it's been floating in my mind behind the scenes so to speak. I did find a new bridal salon in town (Philadelphia) that I'll have to check out. A few weeks ago Valerie and I walked into a very chi-chi bridal salon near our home and they had six, yes SIX wedding dresses on display. WHAT? I had to laugh since I'm will most likely buy my gown on ebay, where I can choose from about oh, 6,000 or so.

I've picked up my camera again and have found my love for photography once more. I've been taking at least one picture a day for a couple weeks now and posting them on my photoblog. If you would like to take a look, the link is .

I'm going to hang out in one of the parks for a bit on Saturdays where people usually get their wedding photos taken. I thought that it would be a good way to see some of the photo techniques wedding photographers use (my alterior motive), and possibly get to practice a little myself. After what I hope is the last round of leaf raking...


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Reem said...

Raking? We've already started snow-blowing! But as Susan can attest, I live in the Great White North, so I really shouldn't be surprised. :) And yes, I'm feeling squooshed already too. December has stealthily snuck up on me this year.