October 30, 2008

And These Are The Moments

She's back!

Autumn_Bride is home from her fabulous honeymoon and we've gone over some pictures from the day ... now I would love to share them with you!

Considering she was married in mid-October, the weather completely blessed her that day. Not too hot, not too cold and blue skies. Here are some of my favourite shots ...

This was the stunning church after all the guests had left.

Here is Paul from Shooter 4 Hire giving some directions to the bridal party on how he wanted the shot set up ....

The reception was held at Boaden Catering in Mississauga. Here's a great room overview.

A close-up of the head table. All décor by Natasha of Occasions.

A guest table shot ...

And another table shot ...

Delectable cake!

The card box and photo guest book table.

Always thinking of her guests, Autumn_Bride put together fantastic bathroom baskets for both the mens' and ladies' rooms. I heard from her last night that the mens' room basket was completely used up ... who knew?!

The favours of choice were packages of four tealights ... all adorned with different leaf embellishments.

A serene first dance to "I Could Not Ask For More".

She's fantastic, strong, determined but man ... she can cry at the drop of a hat! ;)

At Boaden Catering, when a new course is ready for the head table, loud music comes on and the staff come out dancing and clapping as they serve them the food. It was a huge hit!

A DJ or a simple band wasn't enough for this pair. They *had* to hire their favourite local band, .: Orangeman :. to come out and entertain. Best decision they could have made, too. The dance floor was packed all night long!

The Bridal Party dance and introduction of Orangeman.

This couple had a LOT of fun with the garter retrieval and toss. They did a cute little number to "You Can Leave Your Hat On" that had the crowd loving it.

Orangeman was kind enough to learn a special song for the groom ... here is a (fuzzy) picture of his reaction to the surprise.

Didn't I say she was meant to model?

A Bride, an Orangeman and a Wedding Planner. Interesting combo.

One of my favourite bridal pictures ... Crystal, Autumn_Bride and Susan.