January 21, 2008

Anyone Else But You

This is a post with a bit of a double-purpose ...

First, if you haven't seen the movie Juno, GO SEE IT! Yes, there's a ton of hype and I'm adding to it. If you're anything like me and kind of quirky, you're going to be glad you saw it.

On the same topic, there's an amazing soundtrack to this flick. The reason I mention it is because after seeing the movie opening weekend, my husband & I were driving home, being the perpetual critics we are and going on and on about a bunch of things. I won't ruin the movie for you at all but there's a scene where the two main stars are just playing guitar and singing a song together. The simplicity of the scene was so sweet and it got my husband and I thinking about being 'different' ... bear with me ... I have a point to bring this to weddings.

It somewhat pains me to admit this was my husband's idea and not mine but it's too good to pass up. He said rather than going with the traditional first dance (that is painful for some), he would have loved to actually serenade one another instead. Now, we aren't the best of singers and our guitar playing skills aren't up to snuff (yet) but we are insane music lovers. Had we thought about it years before, I totally would have been up for that. How unique of an idea is it to actually entertain your guests like that?! Not to mention it's a beautiful sentiment between two people. I get all weepy just thinking about that idea.

So I challenge you to think outside the box for the first dance, the cake, the vows ... anything you do! Make it your own and be an event people talk about. And of course if you need some inspiration on ideas, give me a shout ;)

For those interested in the song in question from the movie Juno, it's Anyone Else But Youby the Moldy Peaches. To hear a clip: Audio

The Invitations

This weekend we met with Susan to design our invitations. We based them on something similar that she has in her portfolio, but tweaked them to make them a little bit more personalized. It was a relatively painless experience, as FI and I seemed to agree on everything. Always a good sign.

Well, almost everything. FI decided instead of a monogram on the cover page he would prefer to see “Are you ready to rock??” Um. Not so much.

When we first went through Susan’s portfolio of ideas, we were stuck trying to decide between “Classy” invites and “Fun” invites. The Classy ones fit the venue, but the fun ones fit FI and I. In the end Fun beat Classy. That being said, they aren’t exactly ‘wacky’ and the paper and font will be quite classic. They are just a bit of an unusual concept and shape. We have been receiving a lot of Michael’s kit wedding invites lately and we decided a while ago that was NOT the route we wanted to take. I am very excited for our unique, personal design. To make them even more personal, one of our bridesmaids who is a graphic design has agreed to create our monogram.

And no, despite a second attempt by FI the rsvp choices will not be:

Yes- I’m Ready to Rock
No- I Respectfully Decline the Invitation to Rock


Susan is in the process of putting together a sample for us. I can’t wait to see what she creates.

We also had a talk with our respective families about The Guest List. So far, no one has made any unreasonable requests. Fingers crossed. We have started to gather addresses, which is proving to be harder than one might think.

We are scheduling a hardcore Wedding Planning Weekend this week. The idea is to knock the following things off of the list:

Wedding bands
Hotel/ motel/ B&B

That would be nice. Then we are in the home stretch. I’ll let you know if any of that became a reality, next Monday.


When You Say You Love Me

It's been a while since I posted a proposal story and I did promise a certain someone it would be up a lot earlier! Without further ado, here's the story of Jacqueline & Peter. Make sure you click on the link at the end to watch the video ...

My FI and are both actors, and we met on stage when we were cast as a couple! We became amazing friends immediately and when the 13 weeks of rehearsals and shows were finished...we clearly weren't willing to let it end. We were practically inseparable from then on. Fast forward 18 months, an apartment, 2 dogs, 2 thrilled families and a new house. Oh, and another 2 shows. During the most recent, I directed him in his staring role in a musical.
Apparently, his ring search began almost a year before he proposed, and he has had his proposal planned since the day we met...
Without my knowing (actors?!?), he found a gorgeous ring in a store. He tricked me into 'shopping for styles that I liked so that he would know what to look for when the time came'. While I was looking at more modest styles, he pointed out the one he liked, casually - I honestly had NO CLUE what he was up to! The ring was extravagant in my world, but, it admittedly became a bit of a pedestal piece...I never dreamt I would have it.
He then spent 4 months searching out a loose 1+ carat Lucida stone (OMG!!) and had the design he liked 'tweaked' and custom created the ring for me.
Back to the musical: one Friday night show (April 27th), with and audience of 170, 40+ being our friends and family - he took his bows and after the curtain closed, he called me up on stage and introduced me to the audience. You would think that I would have known. NO!! We had talked and we were not getting engaged for another 8-12 months! Besides, he is really good at showing me off and has a tendency to be a tad grandiose! After he introduced me to the crowd, he asked to sing another song and serenaded me with, 'When You Say You Love Me', by Josh Grobin.
At the climax of the song, he gestured to the SFX/LX booth and the closed curtains slowing opened to reveal a stage now scattered with 200 red and pink roses!!!
At the end of the song, the last words are: "I love you..." he got down on one knee...and asked me marry him!
I could not answer, my legs turned to jell-o and he had to jump up to save me from toppling backward...all I could do was nod...
The audience cheered!
Be still my heart! It races just re-playing it in my mind.
He is so good to me - he also made sure that the entire thing was videotaped, so now we have a DVD to show our families, friends, and one day, our children.
I never dreamed that I would be blessed with such finding my soulmate, and now that I get to marry him, I am constantly bursting!!

Now make sure you watch the video!!!