November 26, 2007

Thinking of Engagement Photos?

Something that has been incredibly popular in years past is engagement photos (and that may not slow down!). I’ve answered many clients as to whether or not I thought they should go ahead with a session so I thought I’d jot down what happened with my husband and I in hopes of helping you.

Years ago when we were engaged, we balked at the idea early on. In fact, I knew of no other couple that had gone out of their way to get these photos done by a professional. If any friends or family bothered they had asked a non-professional who had a good eye to take a few pics of them. My husband and I didn’t even bother with that. The photo we decided to display at our wedding came from our first vacation in Nova Scotia. We had pulled into some viewpoint along the Cabot Trail, put the digital camera on a tripod, steadied it on the hood of the car and there you have it! We lucked out though … it managed to stay straight and not lean.

Our wedding pictures are amazing. We look at them more than normal people should (okay, I look at them) and subject everyone we know to taking a peek at the album. But to be honest, something was missing. We have plenty of vacation photos, silly shots from parties, pictures with friends … but nothing professional with just the two of us. Sure my husband looks great in a tux but I’d love to stare at a great photo where he’s more himself. Just as I was coming to that realization, I had the opportunity to help a friend out. I asked Bernard if he was interested and off we went! We now have professional photos showing what we look like on a regular day!

So what do I tell clients when they ask whether or not they should? I start by telling them of my story and my regrets. Then I follow it up with posing the question, “what better time to see if you and your photographer are going to click (pun intended) at the wedding?!”. Many photographers offer the service free of charge (or for a nominal fee) when you’re booking with them for the wedding. My personal view is why not take advantage of it? They can definitely be taken later as my husband and I found out but if it’s there, go for it. Just remember these things …
Have fun, show your personalities and bring a costume change or two … you’ll be amazed at how different the pictures will look with different outfits.

Just to give you the giggles, here are a few outtakes from our session. Thanks so much to Kristina at SugarTree … we love them!!!!!!!!!