September 14, 2008

Time in a Bottle

Does anyone have one for sale, or could someone perhaps point me in the direction of where I could purchase a bottle for myself?

Honestly, when did life get so busy? I remember summer vacation feeling like “forever” as a child. Those 2 months off from school were endless, but now it seems like a tease more than anything else. I’m sure that growing up we all thought that things would become easier as we got older, but we all have to face the harsh reality that life, in fact, becomes more complicated as we age. Throw wedding planning into the mix and you may as well wave ‘sayonara’ to your social life until you become a Mrs. I actually had a situation come up where my fiancé and I were trying to find time to get together with a girlfriend of mine and her husband and we were looking nearly 2 months ahead because of our commitments.

No, we’re not that popular. We’re just that busy.

Looking at my wedding guide, I have a very busy 5 weeks ahead of me (eek, I actually felt a tummy flip-flop at the “5 weeks” comment!) Confirming vendors, chasing down last minute AWOL RSVPs (that’s another rant all on it’s own!), dress fittings (more for my bridal party than for me), coordinating our bridal party and families, and well, finding time to take care of myself (if time allows!) Saddest part of it all? It’s my 30th birthday next weekend and I’m not sure I’ll have time to celebrate!

Hmmm.... I just had a thought. For my birthday, maybe I could ask for “Time in a Bottle” as my gift! I’m sure I could find a few people who love me enough to chip in together!

I need to learn to shut my mind off this late at night. Or perhaps just skip that extra cup of coffee after dinner ;)