June 11, 2009

I'm Sharing Secrets I've Never Let Go Before

I love paper. I love invitations. I love being creative.

I don't, however, love pocketfolds. It my be because they use a lot of materials or because so many people want them. But one of my biggest pet peeves about this particular style is they're incredibly time consuming. That doesn't mean I won't do them at all (so you can still request them ;)) but to divulge a bit of a secret, if you want to watch your budget, ditch the pocketfolds. As a business owner I have to charge more for them and it's not because I'm making a huge profit ... it's because of the materials and, more importantly, the labour involved.

Since a great number of people still love these little gems, I came up with a bit of a compromise ... a 'Faux Pocketfold'. It gives the illusion of a pocket and still holds the inserts in place ... but it isn't a glued down piece of paper. That means less materials are required and I'm not sitting around for extra hours putting these together!

Included in this post are a few Faux Pockets I've done in the past.

As you can see, monograms aren't affected at all ... you're still able to do whatever you want on the front! When open, you can see the inside is the same as a regular invite as well. We're still able to do funky graphics, customize your fonts and even show off ribbon.

The fun aspect of this invitation design is how the inserts lay. Everything is still together in a neat package for your guests and you have a happy Stationeer in me because we've come up with a fun and affordable solution!

In all, these invites can save you upwards of 10%-15% of your bill ... just by rearranging your thinking a bit. Give us a shout at products@momentsthatshine.com to find out more!