June 25, 2009

There Is A Town In North Ontario

This week I went on a hunt for cool finds either in Toronto (or the areas closeby) or things about Toronto. I found a great assortment!

Sam the Record Man was an icon in Toronto and is sadly now gone. Thankfully there were photographers such as .: digitalkangaroo :. around to document the landmark.

.: allthingsjenuine :. comes up with great paper art! The Etsy shop may be closing soon so also be sure to check out the website at .: THIS LINK :.

Hot weather is here and we all need a little relief. Spice up your wardrobe with a shirt like this from .: PrettyRaccoon :.

.: greavesdesign :. wants you to add some colour into your wardrobe with these great cuffs!

If you're looking for a gift for the newlyweds in your calander, how about some beautiful ceramic bowls by .: lurearts :.? I know I use mine all the time!

I was fortunate enough to meet .: kateszabone :. at Christmas last year as she hand-delivered a gift I had made for my best friend. Lovely woman and her jewellery is outstanding!

A bit out of the way of Toronto but I had to feature this next artist anyhow. .: jellybeans :. does these colourful paintings sure to brighten up anyone's room :)

.: bananastrudel :. has dug up something very close to my heart. And old-fashioned map of where I grew up. I just may have to bid on this one myself.

.: gotamago :. has come up with a perfect case to carry all of your travel documents in!

My favourite of the week ... something I'm kind of conflicted with since I'm not a big fan of the TTC ... but this necklace by .: storybeads :. is so innovative, colourful and FUN that I *had* to share it :)