October 23, 2008

top 5 things you can cut from your wedding decor! Part III

When you start planning your wedding, most brides have a pretty good idea of what they think their wedding should look like. This is perfectly normal. But then that very very bad evil EEEEEVIL budget gets in the way of your totally awesome day. Stupid budgets...

As I've mentioned in my 2 other posts (say no to chocolate & to sash or not to sash, the little things can certainly eat up a lot of your precious budget.

Another area where you probably can cut from your wedding decor budget are those fancy dancy napkins and tablecloths you picked from the banquet hall's book. Yep. The damask chocolate brown napkins and the pintuck taffeta tablecloths they flew in from Italy via China.

Nothing wrong with these items. I certainly appreciate beautiful table linens just as much as the next decorator (and I won't discourage you renting them from me either! But if you're skipping mortgage/car/osap payments because of the fancy dancy napkins and tablecloths, let me help you out.

Use what the hall includes! Most halls include basic white or ivory napkins and tablcloths with your package. Some might even include coloured napkins and/or tablecloths.

Of course, if you rent a hall that has tablecloths that don't touch the ground or is is BYOE (bring your own everything), then you probably have this built into your budget. If not, using what the hall currently provides can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you want to add colour to the tables, overlays or runners are a perfect inexpensive alternative. It adds that perfect splash of colour and doesn't hurt your Coach wallet! (I have a thing for them...sorry!)

Next week, *cue x-files theme music* chair covers