October 1, 2008

See That Girl, Watch That Scene ...

Coolest. Shoes. Ever.

Seriously. They're on my wish list for next spring (only because I think it would be cruel to myself to have them sit in a closet for the whole rain/snow seasons). Originally I found them because I was looking for earth-friendly shoes in my area (stop groaning). Take out the fact that .: Mohop sandals :. are environmentally friendly ... they are a dream!!!

First you decide on the base (wedge or bent ply) then you move on to the height. The whole process reminds me of Build-A-Bear except for shoe addicts. The next thing you decide on is the most fun ... each pair of shoes comes with five sets of ribbon. These are for you to weave to your heart's delight!

Also, if you check out the site carefully, Mohop has been kind enough to put together instructions on how to .: tie the ribbons differently :. That means not only do you have a bunch of different colours but a bunch if different ways to display them. What else could a shoe whore want? ;)

Based in Chicago and available online, Mohops are also found in various retailers worldwide. They're right here in Toronto at .: Left Feet :.

Let me know what you think!