November 20, 2008

I Heard a Rumour She Loves the Mountains and the Snow

In honour of the first snowfall of the season, this week's Etsy post is all about keeping warm!

This cottonwood capelet is by .: fringe :. The bloom brooch is detachable but why not add a bit of oomph to your outfit and keep it there?

Are you really cold? Check out this full wrap by .: knitnjules :.

Need a little sparkle? I love how this is functional yet pretty and delicate at the same time. Scarflette by .: TheSpinningHand :.

If faux fur is more your style, take a gander at this wrap by .: Wrapor :.

Capelets are great because they give you warmth AND you're able to move your arms without worry! This one is by .: TickledPinkKnits :. There's even bamboo in there!

Let's not forget about your hands! .:SeasideKnitting:. hopes to keep them warm with these cuffs (love the pearls as well!).

.:piperewan :. has some funky accessories for your shawl. This flower is made of hand-dyed hanah silk and sewn by hand.

Definitely not ordinary, check out this shawl by .: laslopezlas :. The mixed fibres create such a unique look!

If lace is your cup of tea, this retro shawl by .:katetowers :. may be exactly what you're looking for. Divine!

And my favourite of the week? I gotta be me ... it's colour time!
This shawl, also by .: laslopezlas :., would be perfect with a dress or simply over a black shirt and jeans. Be a vixen!!!

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