January 29, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. What was that? Did I hear collective groans mixed with a few cheers? Actually, I have a few friends who are very much into celebrating the Hallmark-inspired day-o-love but I have many more who simply detest it. For those who know me, it's not difficult to see I'm *not* into February 14th at all. I'm a very private person, not into public displays of affection and I think it's kind of lame we're forced to celebrate our love on a specific date. In fact, I'm not even big on my anniversary. Yes, I'm aware that this sounds incredibly jaded and weird coming from a wedding planner. How I got into weddings, I'm not entirely sure ... but I do know that I love witnessing other people's joy so that's all that matters ;)

Back to Valentine's Day though ...

My husband is the exact same way that I am (thank goodness). The first few years we were together we did the cutesy-pukey stuff but quickly realized it was just for show. We then got creative. Oh ... I should mention that my birthday is on February 18th so it makes things really painful for my husband in the romantic gifts department ... so he was more than eager to participate in this idea ...

We turn Valentine's into a bit of a treasure hunt. We decided that we would buy gifts for one another but we'd make it interesting. We sit down and come up with five criteria. The gift has to meet at least three of the five but really we want the bragging rights so we go for all five. Let me give you a warning in that this makes the gift buying slightly difficult but on the flip-side it is so much more fun and gratifying in the end.

Let me give you the example of the first year we did this. The criteria were:
- Red
- Metal
- Glass
- Four
- Square

I'm proud to say that year we both managed to meet all five criteria. He bought me a pair of earrings (that matched a pendant I had just bought) and I bought him a pocket watch. Good fun!

This past weekend we sat down to figure out what it will be this year and it's not going to be easy!

- Green
- Three
- Rectangle
- Metal
- Cloth

I popped those things into Google but no help there. I'm thinking a day of shopping is going to be in order for this one!

So my point is (forgot I had one), even if you don't enjoy a certain holiday and it feels like a chore, it is possible to make it fun! Feel free to use this idea .... I just want to know what you bought one another ;)

Oh .. and if you have any suggestions for the gift I'm to buy this year, I'm all ears ;)

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