November 14, 2008

You Were Meant For Me And I Was Meant For You

Friday Footwear time ...

Last night I walked into an Aldo store (shopping for my husband instead of me for a change). While we were paying I was looking at the rack of jewellery and all the goodies on sale. One thing I found was a great costume brooch kind of like this one ...

For a whopping $9.98, this brooch was on sale ... and it was two for one.

*insert spinning wheels here*

If you have a pair of shoes (preferably fabric and ones you don't mind experimenting with), why not pick up two of these brooches and turn plain into PIZAZZ?!
Simply take one brooch per shoe and either *carefully* pin it to the front or take the stem off and use some durable glue ... or you could even sew them if you're so inclined. Try it out and customize your own pair!!!

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