November 27, 2008

Ahead By A Century

Hmmm ... ahead of my times?

If you watched Oprah yesterday you noticed some thrifty gift-giving ideas (go .: here :. if you would like a recap). The first one is something rather near and dear to my heart! Some may remember my .: Valentine's dilemma :. last year. It seems my husband and I turn almost everything into a bit of a theme. Anyhow, one thing I forgot to mention with that post is I also include something a little extra every year ... reasons why I love him. It would be logical and easy if I just put them in a card or book but no. Instead I type them out in about size 12 font, cut them out in strips, make them into tiny scrolls and then stuff them within the gift. Usually I do about 100 of them. Sounds silly but it's honestly the best gift. For hours I sit and think about why he's special to me and in return he feels even more appreciated throughout the year (he doesn't open them all at once).

I'm sure I've repeated myself in one or two of the reasons over the years but it's always fun to actually read, "I love you because you taught me the easy way to chop green onions" :)

PS ... Oprah is giving a free CD download until tomorrow. Check it out .: here :.

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