August 25, 2008

I've Been Waiting For Somebody

That's it. The day is here. I'm ready to make the announcement!

I'm thrilled to say this year's blog contest writer will be ...
TAMARA! Welcome to the mix Tam and I do hope you're going to love the craziness from behind the scenes at the blog!

Once again, huge kudos to all contestants. The decision was anything but easy and I truly had a blast talking to all of you. For anyone wondering, here is where everyone else wound up with the judges:
2nd Place: Kristin
3rd Place: Katherin & Scott
4th Place: Kelly
5th Place: Michelle W
6th Place: Lauren S

Also, big huge ENORMOUS thank yous to the judges and the vendors who have graciously donated their time and goods to the contest. In the coming weeks I hope to profile all the companies who have passed something along. In the meantime, kindly visit their sites ...
.: JBSmith Photography :.
.: SugarTree Photography :.
.: Irina Photography :.
.: Derek Macrae :.
.: Serendipity :.
.: Hair By Gera :.
.: Kake Kreations :.
.: MGX Productions :.
.: Vivian's Decorations & Design :.
.: Flour Confections :.

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