August 14, 2008

Fell For The Woman Just When I Met Her

Still going strong with the contest entries! This one comes from the lovely Michelle ...

Wedding proposals are tough. There's a lot of pressure to do them right, so that there's a good story to regale everyone with afterwards. Before getting engaged ourselves, FH and I thought we had heard just about every type of engagement story.

One friend was falling asleep after a long day of work when her boyfriend suddenly turned on their bedroom light, reached under the bed for the ring, and abruptly proposed. She said yes, and fell promptly back to sleep.

My cousin had an elaborate Amazing Race type of adventure all around Toronto that ended with a romantic proposal at the top of CN Tower, where they had their first date eight years ago. The only catch to the story was that she had helped her boyfriend plan the whole thing out beforehand.

A third friend went out shopping at Yorkdale Mall and asked his girlfriend if there was anything he could pick up for her while he was there. Half-jokingly, she suggested a diamond engagement ring. So he did.

Looking back, when my turn came, it should have been so obvious that FH was about to propose. We had driven out to his hometown during Thanksgiving weekend, and were staying at his parents' house. The morning of, he suggested going on a picnic, which may have been a suspicious sign for some women, but hey, I was lucky that FH enjoyed doing random things like that. I agreed, but when the weather took a turn for the worse and started to pour, I suggested holding off on the picnic. FH agreed but nervously looked out the window every ten minutes for the next hour. As soon as the rain started to subside, he said “Let’s go!” and grabbed a picnic basket out of nowhere. No sooner had we gotten in the car, it started to pour again, but FH insisted we go anyway. We went to a local park beside the river, found a nice spot under a beautiful pagoda bridge (mostly for the shelter, since it was still raining!) and ate some turkey sandwiches. By this time, FH was sweating, which I didn’t realize, thinking that he had gotten wet in the rain. Then he fumbled for a piece of paper in his pocket and started to read a poem he had written about our lives together. When he took the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him, I flung my arms around him and shouted yes while sobbing and laughing hysterically. I hadn’t even seen the ring yet, but boy was I glad when I did. He chose a ring that was exactly me. He tried to put it on my finger, but grabbed the wrong hand which only made me laugh harder.

All day, we kept looking at each other with wide eyes and mouthing “we’re engaged!” It was the best day, and a story that I won’t mind telling over and over again in the years to come.

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This is an amazing story!

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