November 13, 2008

Alright, red stay far far away from white please

Jess- Hey Erin- I was putting together our winter window display the other day with our wonderful shop assistant, jess jr, and it got me thinking about colour combinations. What’s your least favourite colour combination when working with flowers for events? The window was black white and red, pretty much my personal very worst colour combo nightmare, but we saved it at the last minute by adding shots of a deep rich purple and some hot pink- and all of a sudden all was ok with the world again!

Erin – I am not overly fond of red and white together. It seems to Christmassy or “I am Canadian” unless that is the look you are going for. I am usually happy when we are using colour to begin with period. It makes everything a little more interesting. One colour I find tricky is blue or purple. There are not a lot of flowers out there that come in these colours and often times a grower will substitute something blue when we asked for something purple or vice versa and we all know there is a big difference between the two when it comes to co-coordinating with bridesmaids gowns. On top of that these colours are hard to see from a distance. This means that if someone is sitting at the back of the church an arrangement of dark blue flowers will not show up as well.

Jess-Hmm, I see what you mean- but blues and purples together is one of my favourite combos, but yes, they can be very tricky to actually make work on the day. Darn Mother Nature (and growers!) and her unpredictability! Interestingly I have discovered this past summer that I really really really don’t like all white as a colour scheme- I know- rather awkward considering its popularity as a bridal flower, but luckily I am a professional and can manage to get through a wedding in all whites without letting on how I really feel! I find it hard to convey much with all white; arrangements just tend to look all the same to me when they are all white. Maybe colour preferences change as we age Erin- do you remember someone telling us something to that effect years ago when we first opened about learning to love pink?

Erin – yes of course. A neighbour of our’s at the store told us that when we hit 20 we would really start to love pink. Little did she know we were already 26. It was quite funny

Jess-Yes, but she was right- I do love pink more now I am older, just look at what you can do with it!

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