September 25, 2008

Oh, Let's Go Back To The Start

Somehow, this one blog entry (my first ever) has taken me about a month to write. I just could not figure out what I could blog about first, but I realized the best thing would be an introduction!
So here I am.

My name is Nicole and I am a second year student at the University of Guelph. I am in commerce, for Tourism Management. No, I'm not going to be a travel agent. I am (as of now) going to be an event planner.
I know that you can take courses, or specificaly take "event planning" at college, but I am a pretty indecisive girl, and thought my best bet would be to get a BCOMM to at least keep my options open and learn all about business. And I REALLY want my work to include travel, so I think it fits perfectly.
So how did I decide on this? It was a huge step for me, and if I decided when most of my friends did, I would be going to OCAD for art design. But I decided to take a year off after high school, and ended up planning my prom. And I realized that I can put my creativity and organizational skills together perfectly through event planning. The more I researched it, the more I loved it.
I finished my first year, and found out how great the field of hospitality and tourism is. Just imagine having about 200 students and teachers who are dedicated to making other people happy and comfortable. How jealous are you now?

When summer came, I started looking for a job. I really wanted experience, but I didn't think there would be much available in the Durham area. But after a search on google, I found some great hits. The company I was most impressed by was Moments That Shine.
After looking through the site and the stunning portfolio, I contacted Susan who agreed to meet with me. We really hit it off and she (and Sophie and James) let me shadow at their wedding. It was an amazing experience and I was luckily asked back to continue to work with Susan. My summer with Moments That Shine confirmed my thoughts about event planning, and I'm even more excited to be back at school working towards my goals.
And that takes us to about now (however, leaving all those great weddings out). Before I left for Guelph, Susan asked if I would be interested in blogging and I thought it would be a great idea. This is a field that is slowly becoming more popular, but still needs some exposure. So as I learn more about it, I would like to help others learn too. So for my time here, I'll be the "rookie" and hopefully I will be able to pass on my new-found-knowledge about this wonderful industry!

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