September 26, 2008

I am slowly going crazy... 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, switch!

Last night was my first official night of minimal sleep, due to thinking about my upcoming wedding. Today marks 22 days from the “Big Day”! I kept tossing and turning, waking up, and having a difficult time falling back to sleep. When I was sleeping, I was dreaming about the wedding, but don’t ask me what I dreamt about, because I honestly cannot remember.

Every bride out there dreams about her wedding. Hmmm, let me rephrase that. Every bride out there dreams about what can go wrong with her wedding. Yes, that’s more accurate. And every bride out there can confirm that we call these dreams “Weddingmares”! I thought today I would share some of mine with you :)

Weddingmare #1
I’m at the church, fully dressed, waiting for the day to start. I realize that I am not wearing my veil and begin to panic because I don’t know where it is and the ceremony is about to start. I’m scrambling, running around, looking for someone (anyone!!) to help me, and no one is to be found. Then, I turn, and there’s my fiancé. I immediately begin to cry because a) I’m not wearing my veil, which was part of my attire and b) he saw me before the ceremony.

Weddingmare #2
The ceremony begins and everything is going as planned. Beautiful! My fiancé and I are at the foot of the alter, and our priest is saying the more beautiful words I’ve ever heard. Then, he pauses, looks behind us and I turn to see what he’s looking at. I see my future mother-in-law trying to quietly sneak out of the church. The priest questions her, and her reply was “Oh…. Well, Square One is having a side-walk sale today, and I don’t want to miss it!”

Weddingmare #3
I’m in a room before the ceremony and my dress is falling off. Literally. I’m standing there physically holding it up. In my dream, the dress was a corset back, and whoever did me up that morning, didn’t tie it up properly. Holding my ta-ta’s, I begin to run down the hall, looking for my matron of honour, or a bridesmaid to help me fix the error, but no one is to be found. The only person I could find was my young niece who has no idea what to do to fix it. I immediately start to cry. Then, suddenly, I’m surrounded by all the women in my life, who begin mocking me, calling me a “bridezilla” for crying over something so trivial.

I’m not the only one who suffers from these weddingmares. Oh no. In fact, my fiancé has had several himself. I’ll share two of them with you.

Fiancé Weddingmare #1 (in fact, this is a recurring one)
Fiance wakes up, it’s the morning of the wedding and he has not written his speech yet. He begins to panic. (NOTE: I’ve told him that this is his subconscious warning him to start writing his speech!!)

Fiancé Weddingmare #2 (this one made me laugh!)
We’re all at the church, and fiancé is waiting at the front, like all grooms do. The ceremony begins, but it’s turned into a Broadway musical, where the groomsmen are dancing with jazz hands, and the bridesmaids are sashaying down the aisle. Fiancé is looking around confused, not knowing what’s going on, and not sure what to do himself.


I keep reminding myself that we’re just 3 weeks away, then all the weddingmares will be over and we can begin to enjoy our lives (and hopefully a good night’s sleep!) as husband and wife!

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