September 25, 2008

I'm Thinking About Eternity

Registering for your wedding gifts can be daunting. Many couples head of to HBC (no offense), grab the scanner and start aimlessly picking objects just to get it done. Fear not ... there are options out there! I'm talking about other big department stores, either. In fact, I'm going to completely shift the focus over to eco-conscious ways to register.

There are many stores in the GTA where you can register for linens, bath items, candles and even furniture and they're environmentally friendly. A great one is called .: Organic Lifestyle :. located in the heart of Yorkville.
They have bamboo towels, hemp shower curtains ... even clothing if you feel so inclined!

This isn't the only green store in the area though. Try doing a Google Search or use a great directory like .: Ecosource's Green Guide :.

A few other favourites of mine are placing a note on your invitation (or good old-fashioned word-of-mouth) saying you would be honoured if people donated to a specific charity in your name. It will make your guests feel good and you'd be contributing to cause near and dear to you.

For those who are budget conscious, set up a registry with your travel agency. Most agents are experienced in this now and are only too happy to accommodate. The great part for you is your honeymoon is a lot easier on the wallet. Do something special for your guests though. Designate each thing as something Jane or Bob contributed to an snap a photo. When you get home, tuck that in your thank you note.

And lastly, if you have everything you need and really don't wish for your guests to give anything, say so. This isn't easy for everyone but it's worth a shot!

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