September 11, 2008

Love and Life and Why

So here I am. Blogging again. This time around though I won’t be blogging about academic stuff (social theory, class gripes, professor issues) and sociological observations (why are Montrealers such bad drivers but good dressers? Are video games truly bad for kids?). Nope, I’ll be blogging about stuff rather more fun that that… engagements, weddings and marriage. Ok so yes I will occasionally sprinkle in stuff about academic and military life, since it’s part of my life.

I guess that calls for a little more elaboration about me. I’m a grad student living in Ontario, but I’m originally from the prairies. I’ve lived all over Canada and I love this country. I speak fluent French, love Mediterranean and prairies food (think roasted meats and potatoes, pie and perogy!), and hate the colour pink. It’s a redhead thing. My fiancé is an army corporal (that’s an enlisted rank, not an officer rank). This adds an extra dimension to our life together and to the planning for the upcoming wedding. If you read my entry, you’ll know already that he’s going to be heading to Afghanistan early next year and will be back just a few weeks before the wedding.

Oh.. .by the way… I’ll be calling my fiancé “MM” … short for “Military Man”… just so you know…..

Thanks to Susan for giving me this opportunity. I’m excited. I have a ton of ideas on what I’ll be wanting to blog about and some of them will seem a little less wedding-ish at first glance, but I hope you’ll enjoy what I share as I start out on this journey called ‘wedding planning and execution’.

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