September 11, 2008

All These Beautiful Girls

Thanks for the hello, Tarriell!

More guest authors to introduce today ... can't wait to spice up the surroundings with these two lovely additions. I'm very happy to welcome Vivian and Autumn_Bride to the team :)

Vivian is the owner of .: Vivian's Decorations and Designs :. and as of late August, I can tell you she's an absolute pleasure to work with. I'm not sure that I've worked with another vendor as down-to-earth as she is ... and her smile is infectious! We'll be looking to her for advice, tips and stories on how best to decorate decorate decorate!

I would also like to introduce a new friend who feels like and old one ... Autumn_Bride. She's going to be exchanging vows in just a couple short months so I'm sure she'll have plenty to share with us :) I won't say much more than that as I'm pretty sure she wants to get right into stories. Bring it on, Autumn_Bride!

Looking forward to more musings ...

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