September 30, 2008

Let’s Go Shopping Baby Then We’ll Go To A Café

You may have noticed that I don't often cruise Etsy for jewelry. It's not that I don't like what there is ... far from it! I just don't look at it very often as I make my own (.: old samples :.).

Some designs have been catching my eyes though so I thought I would do an accessory-themed Etsy week!

Love this idea. Vintage pieces aredefinitely all the rage but how about jewelry made from vintage china? These 'matching' necklaces are by .: TheBrokenPlate :.

Mayan numerology is a system of lines and dots that can be used to commemorate a special day. .: naturalezanica :. has incorporated this art into gorgeous rings!

.: BridalEmunique :. has this spectacular piece made with organic pearls ...

This vintage hand-etched necklace by .: found11objects :. is a favourite of mine. There's something so timeless and romantic about the locket ...

Are you looking for a wedding band outside of the traditional gold or silver? .: ShadeJewelry :. may have what you're looking for ...

Recycled vintage jewelry makes up this bracelet by .: jewelrybyallison :.

More vintage! This starburst brooch by .: jdziurznska :. is such a stunning accent piece ... and affordable, too!

How about something for the men? These cuff links by .: dedalo :. add a great touch of class!

Not quite jewelry but an accessory just the same! This colourful headband from .: houseoftelsa :. is great for everyone from the bride to the bridal party to guests!

And my favourite of the week is completely frivolous ... but so me ...

Being a computer geek, this CTRL-ALT-DEL necklace by .: capitolagirl :. is perfect for me. Gift time ;)


Jessica said...

I want to buy them all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my bracelet! You found some beautiful items!