September 30, 2008

Before You Buy Fall Makeup......

Clean Our Your Shoebox!

This fall, I'm amazed at how many different shade statements the cosmetic companies are showing.

For the eyes, I've seen everything from reds, golds and burgundys, to smudgy shades of slate, pewter, and concrete. Soft, earthy tones never go out, and some manufacturers are creating "the smokey eye" with emeralds, coppers and gun metals.

With all these different color stories, how does any woman know which ones are best for her.

Before you go off buying the latest and greatest trends, you may want to go back to basics and see exactly what you have, what you need and what you're not using. Whether you keep your makeup in a cosmetic bag or opt for the ever popular shoebox, think of the fall and spring seasons as ideal times to clean out, throw out and freshen up. Yup...PURGE YOUR MAKEUP BAG!

If you're like many women, you have a vast assortment of cosmetics you've collected over the years when "Dallas" was the top rated show and frosty, blue eyes were in. It's old, outdate and definitely not hygienic. Broken items, especially powders, will only cause you grief as they will inevitably sprinkle over your freshly laundered blouse forcing a wardrobe change you weren't prepared for. Unused things in our lives....whether they are big or small....are always clutter.

Your very first step is to overcome your separation anxiety and set aside one hour to pull out and inspect your cosmetic items.

Start with your mascara. If you've had it for 3 months, it must go. Mascara tubes harbor bacteria and should always be replaced every 3 months whether you use it daily or not.

Then, get rid of the antiques and the colors you just won't wear anymore. Remember ladies....we must age adjust our makeup so if you're 30+ and have nothing but glitter filled makeup, you need to update and introduce some mattes into your arsenal.

Work your way into lipsticks and smell each and everyone. You will know if it's off simply by a funny smell. Or, feel the texture....if it's dry, gummy, or streaky when you apply it to your hand, then it's no good. Wand glosses can also harbor bacteria, especially if a person gets cold sores or sun blisters. Again, three months maximum for these.

I could go on and on, but you get the point....out with the old and battered first.

Your next step would be to book an hour with me to go through what's left. I'll help you with items you're unsure about purging, try to maximize the use of what you already long as it's suitable, and recommend the best items to fill in what you're missing.

You'll get a full makeup application, using yours and mine, that gives you an updated look and some fresh new items to work with. This service is complimentary every fall and spring when you purchase Wink Cosmetics.

And, if you find yourself wanting to toss it all and start from scratch, then allow me to customize a full face for you with the 10 cosmetic items that will take you from day to night, from season to season and from outfit to outfit.

So ladies, think about this. What would you rather have.....a shoebox filled with years worth of cosmetics that's cost you way more than you think....OR....the ten essential makeup items.....which is all you need....customized and demonstrated just for you for under $200?

For more tips, tune into Lifestyles With Rita Nave on Tuesday Sept 30 on Channel 12 CHEX TV at 5:30 for Makeup In Motion's segment on "Purging Your Cosmetic Bag".

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